Priyanka Chopra Admits She Knew She Wanted To Date Nick Once She Saw Him Shirtless In ‘Close’ Video

Priyanka Chopra dished details about why she decided to date husband Nick Jonas after seeing him shirtless in a very sexy music video.

Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas
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Priyanka Chopra, 37, is a woman who clearly knows what she wants. The statuesque beauty spent 24 hours with Harper’s Bazaar where she talked about a lot of aspects about her personal life, one of which centered around her relationship with hunky husband Nick Jonas, 27. Priyanka revealed during the interview that she was inspired to pursue him in a romantic way after seeing him strip down next to fellow pop artist Tove Lo, 32. “The first thing I do in the morning is put on music,” she said. “My life has always been pretty musical, and now with Nick it’s completely musical. I decided to date him after seeing the video for ‘Close,’ where his shirt comes off. So that song is my favorite.”

“Close”, which has been viewed over 250 million times on YouTube, shows Nick and Tove Lo unable to physically touch each other as they are continuously pulled away from one another. Things change, however, as their clothes are ripped away, meaning that the more vulnerable the two of them are, the closer they are able to get. The Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle star’s physique is highlighted as the footage continues, leaving fans gushing in the comments section over how hot he looked in it.

Priyanka also spilled details about how she and Nick were in the dark about each other’s professional worlds prior to them dating. “Nick and I didn’t really know that much about each other’s careers before we came into each other’s lives,” she said. “So we used to do a show-and-tell at night where it would be like, ‘This is my first song!’ or ‘This is my first movie!’ or ‘This is the first song I wrote myself,’ things like that. And actually that’s how we’re still getting to know each other.”

Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas at the 2020 Golden Globes. Credit: REX/Shutterstock

Getting to know each other can be super fun, especially when you’re on a date night. Priyanka and Nick documented theirs in a TikTok video posted on January 14 where they donned translucent face masks and sipped on red wine!

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