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Brielle, 22, & Ariana Biermann’s, 18, Hair Stylist Reveals Why They Wanted Darker Hair

Habit Salon's Chrissy Rasmussen -- who is also the stylist behind mama Kim Zolciak's locks -- dished on the hottest hair trends for 2020 in this EXCLUSIVE new interview with HollywoodLife!

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If there’s one thing Kim Zolciak, 41, and her beautiful daughters Brielle Biermann, 22, and Ariana Biermann, 18, are known for, it’s their gorgeous hair! “Everyone wants whatever they have. So I have clients that literally will be like, I just want whatever she had last time,” Chrissy Rasmussen of Habit Salon — the mastermind behind the ladies’ fab, voluminous looks — spills to HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE new interview. Brielle and Ariana have recently been getting attention online for their lush, darker looks, and Chrissy — who just opened a salon in Los Angeles — was behind the entire transformation!

“Brielle and Ariana they both wanted to spice things up and do something different so keeping it fresh for the winter by going dark was their dream color,” the hair guru told us, also revealing that their show Don’t Be Tardy played a role in the makeover delay. “They’ve been talking about it forever and they were like ‘Okay I’m going to go brown’ but then they would come like ‘No we’re going to wait’ cause of their show and they didn’t want to have to go back and do clips. They didn’t want her hair to be a different color. So they were like I want to do it so bad but I can’t yet. Brielle had been talking bout it for like a year. And so she loves being brown so we did it once before and she loved it but I think they decided to change it up.”

When it comes to upkeep on the girls’ gorgeous brown shade, it certainly seems a lot lower maintenance than their previous looks! “The last time Brielle came, we’ve been trying so hard not to color her here like a ton. So she waited like four months and her hair still looked so good,” Chrissy explained, also adding that she kept some of her natural color. “Less is more…. In order to achieve this look and make their hair even more healthy I used a demi-permanent color. This way it will not have a grow out line, it will actually condition their hair & fade out naturally and not red.” And ladies, remember: extensions always go in first!

Chrissy also revealed what she plans to do with the girls’ hair next, especially was the warmer spring weather approaches. “I think definitely they’re going to want to lighten up,” she continued. “So they’ll like to be dark for a little bit, but they always want to be blonde so they’ll be definitely going back blonde I feel. So, I don’t know, they’ve been saying how much they love it dark so they might even go darker. You never know!” Brielle and Ariana look amazing either way, and it seems like changing looks have been a theme with them lately, especially with 22-year-old Brielle admitting that she’s dissolving her lip fillers.

As for 2020 hair trends, the hair expert dished on what she’s been seeing — and it may not be what you’re expecting! “We’re doing a ton of red hair, which is crazy…even people that have been blonde forever want to be red,” she admitted. Funny enough, RHOA‘s Cynthia Bailey just debuted her fiery new locks on Instagram on Jan. 4 and looked incredible! “We’ve been doing so much extensions [and] I know a lot of people have been cutting their hair short, but they still get extensions for texture and volume… people are not as scared to change their hair.”