Ashley Tisdale Reveals Her Secrets To Getting Gorgeous Skin – From Nutrition To Her Exact Beauty Regime

Ashley Tisdale has flawless skin & the actress revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, what steps she takes in her skincare routine to get a clear, glowing complexion.

ashley tisdale
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Image Credit: Courtesy of Neutrogena

If there’s one thing for sure about Ashley Tisdale, 34, it’s that she has gorgeous skin and the actress shared her beauty and skincare secrets with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY while promoting the Neutrogena Bright Boost Skincare routine. When it comes to Ashley’s clear skin, she admits, “I drink at least one bottle of Smart Water a day, which is 1.5 liters. I think also what people forget is that nutrition is a big part of the skin, and water is such a huge part. If I’m traveling, I am specific about my water as well, but if I’m traveling and I don’t drink enough water, my skin starts to look dull. So I think that it’s really important and it’s something that’s so simple and easy, but we tend to have coffee, and alcohol, or whatever. It’s just I feel the water really helps your skin as you age.” Ashley also revealed, “I think knowing what your food sensitivities are is a really good thing, and I personally took out dairy five years ago because I was sensitive to it, and that tremendously helped my skin. So, by being dairy-free, I think that that has really helped because breakouts or anything related to your skin is usually from foods that we’re ingesting.”

Aside from staying hydrated, Ashley shared her exact skincare routine that she follows every day, admitting she doesn’t like to “over product.” She explained what that means, “I have worked with a dermatologist in the past who is not a huge fan of too many products. So the products that I find that I love, I just use those and I obviously use a face wash and the Gel Cream Illuminating Serum and then I put my makeup on. I think if you use an overabundance of it, your skin will freak out. Usually, there are those freakouts that happen and I think it’s because there’s just too much happening. I feel the Bright Boost collection, what I love about it is that it’s created by millennials. It’s not someone creating this product line that thinks they know what you need, it’s actually people who knew what they needed and created it.”

Just like us, Ashley also admits that she does experience trouble spots, revealing, “For me, I would say that obviously, I’m a beach baby and so I like to be in the sun, and as we get older our skin tone gets a little bit uneven from past sun damage. So I think that’s kind of my trouble area, is just keeping my skin tone even from kind of just things we don’t think about when we’re younger.” Even better, Ashley admits that she has a “beauty sin” that many of us can say we’ve also experienced. “I’m really good at washing my face and I am a huge believer in washing your face every single night because I wear a lot of makeup for work – but sometimes I’ll get tired and I will be like, ‘Okay, I’ll wash my face but I will forget to do with my products.’ That’s where I sin. In the morning I’m using everything, but I feel like to get the best results, twice a day is always the best, and so I think that’s something that I could get better at.”

ashley tisdale
Ashley Tisdale shared her skincare tips with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY while promoting the new Neutrogena Bright Boost Skincare line. (Courtesy of Neutrogena)

As for one beauty goal Ashley is super excited about in the new year, “Well, I am excited to just keep growing my hair out – I have had a dream with my hair. I had extensions for so long and then I was able to go from extensions to tapings, and now I don’t have them at all. I’m excited to just really, let go and let it grow and not do anything crazy to it, (like the pink hair last year), and just let it be.”

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