‘Botched’s’ Terry Dubrow Reveals Kardashian Backside Patients Ask For Most

The Kardashian backside is legendary and 'Botched' star Dr. Terry Dubrow reveals which one sister his patients ask to look like the most.

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Dr. Terry Dubrow, 61, knows a thing or two about plastic surgery as he is legendary for remedying plastic surgeries gone horribly wrong alongside his good friend Dr. Paul Nassif, 57, on television. With a successful practice in OC also under his belt, he reveals the one thing patients won’t stop asking him for — And it involves a fellow E! network star’s behind. “Well, I mean, they- I mean Kim,” Terry says of the number one surgery request he receives. “Buttocks for sure. She has kind of created a new kind of buttock aesthetic, and they ask you for the Kim kind of look.”

Although everyone is asking for the Kim Kardashian-West, 39, derriere special, Terry says there seems to be a fascination amongst his patients with the entire famous family. “I think whatever the Kardashians do, whether Kylie doing lip filler or the way the Kardashians look, moves the needle plastic surgery wise,” Terry revealed. “They sort of are the cosmetic or aesthetic Marilyn Monroe’s of our era, where everybody sort of wants to look like that. You know what I mean? So whatever they’re looking like, whatever they’re emphasizing in either their clothing or their makeup, or whatever they’re doing, becomes the new cosmetic aesthetics that patients now come to plastic surgeon’s office, asking for.”

While Terry admits to never operating on Kim, he completely understands why everyone wants to be just like her. And from the sounds of it, he suspects everything is all natural when it comes to the stunning and perfectly proportional mom of four. “I have no idea if Kim’s done anything,” Terry says. “I don’t even think so. I have no idea. But I’m just saying, Kim, the way she dresses, emphasizes her assets.”

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