‘Revenge Body’s Autumn Calabrese Gives Tips To Stay In Shape By ‘Creating New Traditions’ During Holidays

The holidays can be tough on your diet, but '21 Day Fix' trainer Autumn Calabrese spoke to HollywoodLife about how to stay on track!

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Autumn Calabrese
Image Credit: Sarah Orbanic

The holidays are often a time of indulgence, sweets and meals much larger than we’re all used to. 21 Day Fix founder and Beachbody trainer Autumn Calabrese spoke to HollywoodLife.com about how you can stop using the holidays as a “crutch,” or excuse, to cheat on your diet. “October rolls around and everybody just throws caution to the wind! And people always say, ‘Oh, the holidays are so busy.’ And I say, ‘Oh, are they? Are they really busier than the rest of the year?’ We have to stop using it as a crutch,” Autumn explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “There’s six holidays between Halloween and New Year’s Day. Now, if you’re Jewish, I get that Hanukkah is eight days, but I only count two of them for cheat days — how does six days throw off three months? This is where you have to change your mentality.”

Autumn continued, “We need new habits and we need new traditions. There’s tons of healthy recipes out there that you don’t have to tell your family you’re making that’s not loaded with butter, but loaded with flavor!” The fitness guru who used to train Kendall Jenner added that during the holiday season, on-the-go workouts offered on Beachbody On Demand help you stay on track with your fitness. “If you can make time to workout any other time of the year, then you can make time during the holiday season, but you have to find something that works for you, and working out at home saves you time,” Autumn said.

The trainer just re-recorded an update of her beloved 21 Day Fix and 80 Day Obsession workout videos for Beachbody, and revealed that the benefits are endless when it comes to working out at home. “You don’t have to drive to the gym, you don’t have to drive home from the gym, you can jump right in the shower,” she explained. “There’s 30 minute workouts, there’s 20 minute workouts, if you can only do 15 minutes, do 15 minutes. It’s just important to make time for it.”

Photo By Sarah Orbanic

In the end, Autumn added, “You can always do more than what you’re doing right now. There’s always a way. Everybody’s busy, everybody has their own version of ‘I’m so busy.’ If it’s important, you’re going to make time for it. You can get your workout in.”