Amber Portwood: Disturbing Video From Alleged July 4th Machete Attack Surfaces — Watch

Audio and video from Amber Portwood's alleged machete attack on Andrew Glennon has surfaced, and it's terrifying. Listen to and watch the footage from their July 4th fight here.

Amber Portwood
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Terrifying audio and video have surfaced from Amber Portwood‘s July 4th fight with Andrew Glennon, which led to her arrest for domestic battery. The video, captured on the family’s Ring doorbell system, starts off by showing what happens right before Amber allegedly threatened her boyfriend with a machete. The incident begins when Amber and Andrew run into some trouble getting to a holiday event with their one-year-old son, James Glennon. After returning to the home, Amber apparently blows up. The Ring footage shows Amber yelling at Andrew through a closed door and threatening to throw his stuff out.

“Get your stuff and go. I will call the police. Do not do this. I do not want your stuff to get f**king stolen,” Amber yells. “I’m trying to be nice right now, I swear. I’m on the edge. Get your stuff. Bring my son back right now. This is absolutely f**king disgusting, and you’re the most immature, f**king disgusting person ever.” In shocking audio, you can hear Andrew accuse Amber of downing “all your f**king medication,” and implying that she was trying to hurt herself. The audio of their fight gets ugly. “You need help? You just eat all your f**king medication?” you can hear Andrew ask Amber. “Oh good one. Nice one, babe. Very motherly. You’re going to be a good mom. Eating all your f**king medication, saying you’re going to kill yourself. What the f**k is wrong with you? You just… do I need to call an ambulance?”

Amber tells him to just go away, while clapping and saying “bravo.” It gets scarier from there. Andrew, who is reportedly standing behind a door while holding their son, asks Amber if she’s “going to get a f**king machete” — and she allegedly does. You can then hear three loud strikes, allegedly Amber hacking at the door Andrew is standing behind; photos of the broken door were used as evidence in the domestic battery case. You can listen to the audio and view footage from Andrew and Amber’s fight HERE. After denying the alleged machete attack on Teen Mom OG, Amber accepted a plea deal. She’ll receive “one felony charge for the incident” and one year of probation.

As long as she doesn’t violate her probation, the charge could be dropped from a felony to a misdemeanor. She was initially charged with domestic battery, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, and domestic battery in the presence of a child after her arrest. Andrew spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY in September, when he spoke to how frightened he was by the incident. “[Amber and I] were a family once, but her healing is a road that must be boldly walked alone, and I know it will fork and cross paths to new destinations and with new lovely people down the line. I just hope this really saves her life, because I saw someone dying inside and it made me die inside… and I’ve never been more scared in my life,” he said.

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