Adriana Lima Gives Her Advice For Staying In Shape During The Holidays: ‘It’s About Balancing’

Adriana Lima spoke to about her new PUMA collection & gave her advice on how to stay in shape during the holiday season!

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Adriana Lima
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Image Credit: Courtesy of Puma

The holidays are always tough to stay on track with your fitness and diet, with the endless list of Friendsgivings, parties, dinners and more. Model Adriana Lima spoke to while promoting her new, super cute PUMA collection, and revealed her advice on how women can stay “balanced” with their health and goals! “Listen, it’s about balancing. You don’t need to stay on track. You can get out of track once a week, you need that balance,” she said in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HL. “If you want to lose weight and get in shape, I understand it’s stressful, but you cannot stress about it and think about it too much because the stress actually slows your body down.”

The former Victoria’s Secret model continued, “Try everything. Go dancing, go to yoga, boxing, whatever you choose. Try everything to find something you like, and from there, you slowly build up to your goal. Sometimes you cannot give your best, and it’s okay. It’s human. But you are there, you already moving. And that’s what is important. Keep moving because soon enough you achieve your goal.”

Adriana revealed that as of late, she’s been boxing, which is what helped inspire the sleek designs of her new PUMA collection! “We were thinking about the design and the cut that would give the perfect muscle support when you wear it. Besides a quality, it has to be fashionable. I need to feel sexy in it,” she explained about the activewear line of 14 pieces. “In the gym, everything has a purpose. The leggings have a purpose, the shoe has a purpose, and everything has to match. For type of workout, I do cardio, I jump rope, I do boxing, so I will pick my shoes, my leggings, my sports bra accordingly.”

Courtesy of PUMA

Adriana added that the high-ankle training shoes were inspire by traditional boxing and basketball sneakers. “It has the stability and comfort for you to do a high intensity workout, that you can lift weights and you can jump rope in, plus it has flexibility for you to move and is a lightweight shoes and of course it’s like a fashionable,” she revealed. The AL x PUMA collection is available now and everything is a must-have!