Gigi Hadid Claps Back At Haters Who Say She Doesn’t Dress ‘Sexy Enough’: ‘Calm TF Down’

Gigi Hadid is 'not dressing for your approval,' which she reminded her 9.1 million Twitter followers after the model's 'street style' was called into question!

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Gigi Hadid, 24, may be a supermodel, but reminded fans that she’s not walking a 24/7 runway. “U guys need to calm tf down sometimes. It’s called stepping out to do one errand- not dressing for your approval. Your unrealistic expectations & petty complaining all the time about my style or not being sexy enough isn’t going to make me dress differently,” the model vented in a tweet on Nov. 5. Her rant wasn’t over, because she wrote in a follow-up tweet, “Not just talking about this specific comment. U all talk about empowering women. I support and empower women that show skin and that don’t. It’s about choice. I show skin when I want to and still feel sexy covered head to toe & will continue to do so. Over the snarky comments.”

As for what “specific comment” pushed Gigi’s patience over the edge, the drama began when a photo of the model wearing a weather-appropriate outfit was shared to Twitter on Nov. 5. “She’s such a natural beauty… idk what happened to her iconic street style tho,” a fan wrote over the picture in a now-deleted tweet, according to E! News. The photo showed Gigi rocking sensible pieces from her Reebok collaboration: a $80 sweater, $60 athletic leggings and $100 zip-up sneakers. The catwalk sensation topped off the outfit with a $1,300 black puffer jacket from WARDROBE.NYC, and despite the price tags, the outfit appeared to be put together with New York City’s cold temperature in mind (not lurking paparazzi).

That comment alone didn’t make Gigi snap. In response to the fan’s question of “what happened” to the model’s street style, another fan account responded, “What happened is called Mimi.” The tweet, which was also taken down, was clear shade towards Gigi’s stylist Mimi Cuttrell! But the blonde beauty made it clear that her stylist doesn’t have that much influence over her wardrobe. “I like what I wear and wear it for that reason. It’s not about a stylist, it’s how I’m choosing to express myself,” she continued in a third tweet. “Your opinion isn’t going to change that. Those of you who feel this way should focus your energy on praising those whose style u love. Peace.”

Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid’s athleisure outfit, pictured here, was criticized by two fans on Nov. 5, 2019. (BACKGRID)

A day before Gigi clapped back at her fashion critics, she also wore a modest piece — a maxi olive dress designed by Dion Lee — for the 2019 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards on Nov. 4. Gigi also opted for layers over skin-bearing pieces when she transformed into Jim Carey’s character from The Mask, complete with the yellow suit, to party at BFF Kendall Jenner’s 24th birthday/Halloween bash on Oct. 31. No matter what Gigi wears, we’ll never question her reigning title as the queen of fashion!

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