Zooey Deschanel Likes Jonathan Scott More Than She Expected: He’s ‘Different’ Than Anyone She’s Dated

Has Zooey Deschanel found the one in Jonathan Scott? We’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned the ‘New Girl’ star is surprised by how much she likes dating the ‘Property Brothers’ hunk!

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Image Credit: HollywoodLife

Will the next big Property Brothers project be finding a home for Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott? Ever since Zooey, 39, and Jonathan, 41, began dating, it’s been as if these two were made for each other – and that has caught Zooey and her heart totally off guard. “Zooey is still taking things slow with Jonathan,” a source EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. However, she wasn’t expecting to like him as much as she has.”

“He’s very different from any other guys she’s dated before, which makes it fun and exciting,” the source tells HollywoodLife. “He’s very, very good to her, and she loves that he’s so kind and compassionate and treats her well.” The source tells us that Drew and Zooey are “hoping to spend some time over the holidays together,” but don’t expect him to get her a ring for Christmas. Or, if he does, she might exchange it for store credit. “She seems open to marriage and kids again with the right person, but it’s still so new, she’s not letting it go there,” the insider says.

Though it’s not likely that Zooey and Drew will walk the aisle anytime soon, the source said that they’ve taken a massive step in their relationship: he’s introduced her to his family. “Zooey met Drew [Scott] the same time she met Jonathan,” the source tells HollywoodLife, “so it wasn’t as nerve-wracking to meet the rest of the Scott family at [J.D. Scott’s] recent wedding.” However, the source did say that Zooey “was still a little nervous meeting so many family members.” Probably because they were all huge 500 Days of Summer fans and wanted to know what Joseph Gordon-Levitt was really like?


No need wondering what Jonathan Scott thinks about this relationship. His new sister-in-law, Annalee Belle, told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that it was “amazing to have [Zooey at the wedding]… to actually get the chance to see this woman that my brother is head over heels for…is wonderful. I think she’s fitting in very well. She’s a good fit and what we’ve always wanted for him.”

HollywoodLife was the first to EXCLUSIVELY break the news of this romance. Zooey — who split from her husband of four years, Jacob Pechenik, in September – met Jonathan on the set of Carpool Karaoke. They began a relationship on the down-low after her split, but since taking their romance public, they haven’t been shy about expressing how much fun they’re having.

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