Jonathan Scott Is ‘Head Over Heels’ For Zooey Deschanel, His Brother Reveals: She Could Be ‘The One’

Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott are doing better than ever! In fact, Jonathan's brother, J.D., told us EXCLUSIVELY that there's 'potential' that Zooey could be 'the one.'

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Jonathan Scott brought Zooey Deschanel as his date to his brother, J.D. Scott’s, wedding to Annalee Belle on Oct. 31. Considering it’s been less than two months since this hot new couple went public with their relationship, attending a family event like this was certainly a big step. “I was so happy she came to the wedding,” Analee told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “it was really nice to just have her there with the family and friends.” She added that it “meant a lot” to her and J.D. to have Zooey there because it meant she had to leave her two kids on Halloween. “You know, that’s a big deal,” J.D. said.

Interestingly, the wedding was J.D.’s first time ever even meeting Zooey. “It was amazing to have her there, to start with, and then to actually get the chance to see this woman that my brother is head over heels for…is wonderful,” he dished. “I think she’s fitting in very well. She’s a good fit and what we’ve always wanted for him.” They also both agreed that Zooey is “so down to earth and relatable” with “no ego.” Clearly, things are getting very serious between Zooey and Jonathan, and while J.D. didn’t want to “put words in” his brother’s mouth, he did say he sees “a lot of potential” in Zooey possibly being “the one” for Jonathan!

HollywoodLife was first to EXCLUSIVELY break the news that Jonathan and Zooey had been seeing each other back in mid-September. They met weeks earlier on the set of Carpool Karaoke, and began secretly dating following Zooey’s split from her husband, Jacob Pechenik, over the summer. Since then, they haven’t been shy about showing off their relationship.

zooey deschanel and jonathan scott
Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott attend J.D. Scott and Annalee Belle’s wedding on Halloween 2019. (Credit: Dennys Ilic)

At the end of September, Zooey and Jonathan had a date night at Dancing With the Stars, where they showed PDA in the star-studded audience. Then, in early October, they took a trip to a haunted house, and documented the outing on Instagram. It’s safe to say that things are going quite well for these two!

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