‘The Hills’ Star Whitney Port Reveals Lean Protein & Hot Yoga Are Key Factors To Getting Her Toned Figure

Star of 'The Hills,' Whitney Port, has an amazingly toned figure & the mother-of-one revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how lean protein & hot yoga help her stay in tip-top shape.

Whitney Port
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Whitney Port, 34, who is known for her role on the hit TV series, The Hills, and the newest show, The Hills: New Beginnings, has always had a petite, toned figure and she shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, what she does to stay in shape. “I try to live my life completely in moderation,” Whitney admitted. “I try to work out three times a week and eat mostly lean proteins, veggies, and fruits but, I also allow myself to enjoy myself when I feel like it! I don’t believe in strict diets or limitations. It’s all about a healthy balance,” she shared. While she doesn’t necessarily stick to a specific diet, she makes sure to incorporate certain foods into her everyday meals.

“For breakfast, I have been eating scrambled eggs with a few cheddar chives mixed in, a cappuccino, and a banana. For lunch, I’ll eat a salad with a light dressing, a protein, and a kombucha. Dinner varies, but I LOVE a good steak with grilled onions and roasted potatoes,” she revealed. When it comes to dinner though, Whitney always makes sure to have, “Usually a protein with a veggie and or salad with lots of different veggies in it and a homemade sherry wine vinaigrette.” While she tries to maintain a healthy diet, Whitney also revealed there is one workout that she swears by. “Hot yoga is my jam. It’s the only thing I do and I absolutely love it. It tones me, gives me the release of any stress I have, and just feels so good for my body. It’s a physical and mental treat,” she gushed.

Whitney is currently promoting her partnership with Excedrin, as she frequently experiences migraines, and admits that migraines sometimes prevent her from feeling “present” during moments with her adorable two-year-old son, Sonny Sanford Rosenman. Whitney partnered with the brand to launch Excedrin Take Two, which invites sufferers of migraines to share a moment they missed or were affected by, due to a migraine, in order to get a second chance living migraine free. “I’ve had headaches since I was a little girl that developed over time into frequent migraines. When I get a migraine, I will usually wake up to a throbbing pain that feels like someone is hitting me on the head over and over again,” Whitney revealed.

As for how it has affected motherhood, Whitney explained, “My migraines can really affect my productivity, which means taking care of Sonny sometimes feels impossible. Migraines make me feel like I can’t be present with him, play with him, or sometimes even just have patience with him. The hardest part about getting them in the morning is I have a difficult time feeling motivated to get out of bed and see Sonny. He’s in the best mood when he wakes up so missing out on seeing his smiling face before he starts his day makes me so sad. Excedrin Migraine is the one thing I found that really works for me to get relief fast so I don’t miss those special moments with him,” Whitney concluded.

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