‘Teen Mom 2’: Leah & Jeremy Consider Getting Back Together & He Jokes He ‘Banged’ Her ‘Brains Out’

Want to know what's REALLY going on with Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert? Well, they answered that exact question during the Oct. 15 episode of 'Teen Mom 2'.

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The Oct. 15 episode of Teen Mom 2 started with Leah Messer revealing that Jeremy Calvert had gotten back into town recently, so they spent the previous night together. And because of that, Leah’s sister, Victoria, asked, “What’s the update on you and Jeremy?” She replied, “Well, last night we went out. And we ended up staying the night” — but she also said there’s “no status” to report just yet. “So it’s just a hookup?” Victoria asked. And Leah freaked: “WTF? A hookup? I think we’re just going with whatever the flow is, but he said he might be coming to Hawaii.”

Then, when Victoria asked why Jeremy would be going to Hawaii with her and the kids, Leah said it was because he had never been there before, but Victoria called “bulls***” on that one, as she suspected it was for a much more romantic reason. Interestingly, when she asked Jeremy the same question, he said he recently “banged” Leah’s “brains out”, and they all had a good laugh since it was true.

Later, when Jeremy met up with his friend, Cam, they also talked about his potential “family vacation” with Leah. Jeremy said it’s “been a long time” since they went away together and “Hawaii would be great”. He confirmed that he and Leah are getting along better now when they went out the other night together, it “was normal as hell”. He claims that when Addie got sick it “opened” their eyes and now they “co-parent well” together. But when Cam asked how Jeremy would define their rekindled relationship, Jeremy said, “I don’t know. We’re still single at this very moment”. And Cam added that “everyone deserves a second chance”, including Leah. Still — Jeremy is worried that if they do get back together, and it doesn’t work out, Addie “will remember” it.

Meanwhile, Jo threw a wrench into Kailyn’s vacation plans, Chelsea launched a new diaper bag, Briana hoped to take her relationship with John to the next level, and Sean begged Jade to let him see Kloie.

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