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Jessica Simpson’s Trainer Shares The Simple Workout Trick That Helped Her Lose 100 Lbs. After Baby

Jessica Simpson's trainer, Harley Pasternack, shared the simple workout trick that helped the mom-of-three lose 100 pounds in an EXCLUSIVE interview.

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There’s no arguing with facts — Jessica Simpson looks absolutely incredible after losing 100 pounds just six months after giving birth to baby Birdie. Her trainer, Harley Pasternack, EXCLUSIVELY revealed to HollywoodLife the workout secrets she used to get back into tip-top shape. “I have five daily habits to adhere to from my book, 5 Pounds,” the celebrity trainer spilled. “The first is move at least 12,000 steps a day. So, all my clients get a Fitbit and that’s a daily goal and it doesn’t have to be in a gym and it doesn’t have to be with equipment. You don’t even have to be dressed for working out. It’s just walking with a friend or your family or walking to coffee or you know, when you have a phone call, you do it as you walk and Jessica did a really great job of that.”

The other four components of Harley’s five daily habits are pretty simple, too. Getting enough sleep, unplugging from technology, eating a healthy, balanced diet, and resistance exercising. “You know, that’s sort of at the least important in this equation, but still important,” Harley revealed. “The idea there’s 168 hours in a week. And even if you’re working out for 45 minutes every other day, you’re still not working out 165 of those 168 hours. It’s what you do during that time. That’s probably the most impactful to making you lean.”

Harley also touched on the latest project he’s been working on to help his clients — like Jessica — stay away from hidden sugars in their diet. “Sweetkick is a little mint that I designed for three years where after you have them, it is like a breath mint and afterwards you’re unable to taste sugar!” he gushed. “From anywhere to one or two hours. So the temptations we have putting sugar in our coffee, it will make it taste bad. Barbecue sauce, ketchup, high sugar granola, soft drinks, all of these things, when you’re unable to taste them, you’re less likely to eat them. And if you do, you’ll have half a bite and spit it out because it just doesn’t taste right. So this is a tool that has helped Jessica’s journey that I’ve been using with other people. Sweetkick was a major help in the process.”