‘The Rundown’s Erin Lim Dishes On Her Major Red Carpet Fan-Girl Moment With Her Fave Star

Stars can fan-girl, too! Erin Lim, host of E!'s 'The Rundown' admitted she totally freaked after meeting The Rock & it's amazing!

Erin Lim
Image Credit: REX/Shutterstock

Erin Lim has become a staple on E!‘s red carpets and, of course, her Snapchat series The Rundown. While she is a star in her own right, the wonderfully unfiltered host still geeks out around her favorite celebs! “It’s always the celebrities that I loved growing up that I fangirl over as an adult,” she explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. “Chrissy Teigen or those big celebrities we have today, I’m chill with them. If I meet the Hadid sisters, I’m chill with them — even though they’re other people’s biggest celebrities. But, when I met The Rock for the first time, I died.”

Erin went on to explain that she tweeted Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson ahead of interviewing him on a red carpet for E! News, and he knew exactly who she was when they met in person. “He was like, ‘Hey Erin, what’s up?’ and I was like ‘How do you know who I am!?’ and he said, ‘You tweeted me,'” she laughed. “He was so kind and that was awesome because they so don’t meet your heroes and he was so nice every single time I met him.”

The host, who is also known for her quick-witted humor and hysterical comedy on The Rundown, admitted she grew up watching Molly Shannon and refers to her as a muse. “The Best Of Molly Shannon SNL on DVD was my jam growing up,” she explained. “Part of the humor comes from my gut, but I I could also watch those amazing sketches all day. I memorized them.” She continued, “With The Rundown, I’ve fully embraced who I am, and my humor has become one of my most relatable features. That’s been my mantra whenever I go into a show or taping — I’m like ‘Keep it weird, that’s what the people want!”

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