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Cara Maria Sorbello Fires Back After Fans Accuse Paulie Of Cheating: ‘We’re In An Open Relationship’

Fans have begun speculating that there's trouble in paradise for 'The Challenge's Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore, so she took to Instagram Live to address the rumors once and for all on Oct. 7!

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The Challenge fans have been doing some intense detective work when it comes to Paulie Calafiore and Cara Maria Sorbello’s relationship recently! Paulie spent a chunk of time in South Carolina — and away from Cara — last month, and fans couldn’t help but notice that he was ‘liking’ a lot of Instagram photos that weren’t Cara’s. This led to rumors that Paulie was being unfaithful to Cara during their time apart, but during an Instagram Live on Oct. 7, she set the record straight. “Let me make this clear,” Cara said. “There has never been cheating, there never will be cheating.”

However, Cara’s video did not clarify whether or not Paulie had been with another woman. Rather, she explained that the reason there couldn’t have been any cheating is because she and the Big Brother alum are not in an exclusive relationship. “There is no cheating, there will never be any cheating for the rest of our lives, because we’ve been in an open relationship forever,” Cara revealed. ‘We’re always in an open relationship. We’ve always been in an open relationship. We are in an open relationship now. So he can do and say and like whatever he wants and so can I. The end! We’re happy. At the end of the day, the only happiness that matters is me and him, and we’re happy.”

Of course, it didn’t take fans long to find an excerpt from an interview that Paulie did in May, where he flat-out said that he and Cara were in an exclusive relationship after previously going through some drama. Naturally, this led to some confusion, but Cara made it clear in her video that only she and Paulie, who was sitting next to her during the recording, will ever truly know what’s really going on between them.

“Whether we are together, whether we aren’t together, whether we’re friends with benefits, whether we’re getting married tomorrow…you guys are never going to know,” Cara continued. “I wake up with Paulie. I go to sleep with Paulie. I’m the only one who has dialogue back and forth with Paulie. I’m the only one who knows what’s going on with me and Paulie. Nobody knows our relationship, but me and him. No matter what you guys think you see on the Internet or think you detect with your investigation skills, you will never know. You won’t know yesterday, you won’t know tomorrow. After this live, you’re never going to know. Whether I’m liking and commenting on things, whether he is or not…it means nothing. And you’re not going to know a damn thing from here on out.”

Unfortunately, Cara and Paulie’s relationship has been plagued by drama ever since they first got together on The Challenge: Final Reckoning in 2018. Paulie was still dating Danielle Maltby when he hooked up with Cara on the show, but promised that he had ended things with her as soon as filming was over. However, months later, Danielle came forward and revealed that Paulie had been secretly messaging her and even meeting up with her behind Cara’s back all summer long.

The love triangle drama was made extremely public, but by the time it all died down, Cara and Paulie were back together. He spent several months regaining her trust, and in May, he told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that they were “happier than ever.” They’re both currently starring on The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2, which airs on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. on MTV.