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Tristan Thompson Gushes Over Khloe Kardashian’s Hot ‘Fit’ Body In New Flirty Instagram Comment

Tristan Thompson is still sliding into ex Khloe Kardashian's Instagram posts and leaving flirty comments. Now he's complimenting her hot body and some fans think they're secretly back together.

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Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian
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Tristan Thompson has been bombarding ex Khloe Kardashian‘s Instagram posts with flirty comments, and he’s at it again. On Oct. 3 when she posted a pic of her in a white corset top and slacks, her 28-year-old baby daddy was living for it. He left three fire emojis and called her hot body “fit.” Since it’s obvious Khloe hasn’t blocked him as he’s posted other gushing comments on her pics, some fans are sure they’re back together on the down-low.

A user named Charc85 commented under his praise, “The sad thing is they are probably back together.” Fan Trudy agreed, writing, “I think so too. He wouldn’t be commenting so often.” A user named Melissa added, “I really hope she’s smarter than this. But if not I then I won’t feel sorry for her when he screws her over next time. She deserves better than him.”

Other fans were cheering for a reunion, with a women named Lindley asking him, “So are you going to ask her out or what?” Another user added “Go get your girl back! Love wins! Nothing happens overnight,” while someone with the handle vsunrise cheered to Tristan, “Get your girl back.” Another fan speculated, “IDK why but I think Khloe still loves Tristan.”

Then there were Khloe fans who want Tristan to stay the hell away from her after he broke her heart with a second cheating scandal in February, this time involving Kylie Jenner‘s longtime and now former  BFF Jordyn Woods, 22.  A user named Casey told Tristan, “Just Stop,” while another person wrote, “I see what you’re doing here weasel.” A fan Crystal told Tristan, “You better leave her be. She looks great…without you in the pic,” while another called Tristan a “Thirsty MF.”

Khloe Kardashian

Tristan has been going overboard with complimenting Khloe’s Instagram lately. He called his ex-girlfriend “perfection” after she pulled off a beauty look inspired by Anna Nicole Smith’s Guess campaign on Sept. 21. Then on Sept. 26 when she posted an IG pic with the sun behind her, the Cleveland Cavaliers star wrote, “The sun is shinning [sic] bright on a beautiful diamond.” If Khloe found the compliments annoying, she could have blocked him and hasn’t. Tristan also been more bold with leaving them up, as he had deleted his “perfection” comment after getting piled on with hate from her fans.

Tristan further tried to play to Khloe’s maternal side by showing off an Instagram video showing what an adorable dad he is to their daughter True Thompson, 17 months. He showed off a nicely edited daddy/daughter day at LA’s Universal Studios theme park on Sept. 28 with the caption: “This made my heart smile. I choose to not share too much about my kids on social but this video I couldn’t resist. One of my most cherished and prized roles is being a Dad. Daddy loves you,”