Jessica Simpson Comforts Pregnancy Pal Amy Schumer Who Only Dropped 10 Lbs. Compared To Her 100 Lbs.

Jessica Simpson called Amy Schumer 'hot' after the comedian compared their differences in post-baby weight loss! She even pointed out that size doesn't for one exception.

Jessica Simpson, Amy Schumer
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Jessica Simpson, 39, lost 100 pounds after giving birth in March 2019, while Amy Schumer, 38, lost $100 in poker money after welcoming her first child in May 2019. The comedian poked harmless fun at their different experiences in losing post-baby weight in an Instagram post on Oct. 1, which showed Amy rocking her postpartum body in a bikini besides her sister, Kim Caramele! “Ok Simpson! Well ive [sic] lost 10 pounds and 100 dollars to my sister playing poker,” Amy captioned the bikini photo. The I Feel Pretty star further joked about their 90-pound weight loss difference by tossing in the hashtag #norush.
Jessica told Amy what truly matters — and it’s not the number on the scale. “You’re hot. Size only matters when it comes to men 😜,” The Dukes of Hazzard star commented. We don’t think she was referring to a man’s shoe size!

Jessica first revealed her 100-pound weight loss, dropped over a six-month period, in an Instagram post on Sept. 24. “6 months. 100 pounds down (Yes, I tipped the scales at 240 😜),” the blonde beauty wrote, and the mother of three added that she’s “so proud to feel like myself again.” The fashion designer and singer later revealed that it took “a lot of hard work,” eating foods “mostly made with cauliflower” and working out four days a week to shed all that weight, which she shared in an interview about her postpartum regimen on the Home Shopping Network.

Jessica Simpson, Amy Schumer
Jessica Simpson assures Amy Schumer that weight is just a number underneath the comedian’s Instagram post on Oct. 1, 2019. (@jessicasimpson)

Both Jessica and Amy battled tough pregnancies. Amy endured hyperemesis gravidarum — think morning sickness, times ten — leading up to the birth of her and husband Chris Fischer’s son, Gene Attell Fischer, who’s now four months old. Meanwhile, Jessica suffered acid reflux, swollen feet and multiple bouts of bronchitis that led to a hospitalization before welcoming her and husband Eric Johnson’s third child, Birdie Mae Johnson, who’s now six months old!

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