Cassie’s New Husband Alex Fine Writes Her The Most Romantic Note: ‘I Love Waking Up To You Every Day’

Cassie and her husband are in total newlywed bliss, as Alex Fine is leaving her hand written love notes and she's sharing them with her fans.

Cassie and Alex Fine
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Diddy‘s ex Cassie and her new husband Alex Fine just got married and are expecting a baby, and the romance level in their relationship is at an all-time high. The “Me & U” singer shared a hand written love note that her man left her in an Oct. 1 Instagram story. It looks like it was spur of the moment and written on a piece of paper towel or even toilet paper. The love note read, “There’s nothing in the world I love more than you. I love waking up to my best friend every morning. I already miss you so much. Love, ya husband.”

It’s not clear if Alex went away on a trip or he just went to work in his job as a personal trainer and being away from Cassie for the day had him longing for her. The pregnant 33-year-old singer added a red heart emoji and a sad face emoji to show she was missing him as well.

The pair just got engaged on Aug. 24 and managed to put together a stunning Malibu wedding in one month. They tied the knot in a sunset ceremony overlooking the ocean on Sept. 25 and Cassie made such a beautiful bride. She wore an off the shoulder white gown with large puffy sleeves and the front of her dress hugged her very prominent baby bump. The couple is expecting a little girl and Cassie revealed in her IG stories after the love note share that they’re finally getting the nursery ready for their daughter’s arrival.

The Shade Room screen-grabbed the story photo and posted it, and fans are so happy that Cassie has the life she dreamed of after dating Diddy, 49, on and off for a decade without him putting a ring on it. “Good for them! After all she’s been through she deserves to be with someone who appreciates her and values her time ❤️,” a user named Tony wrote, while a fan who goes by twantoo added, “Diddy somewhere punching the air right now.” Diddy got more shade from a user named Nizz who wrote, “Congratulations to them‼️ Move on from that man that refuses to commit. This is & has always been the goal ❤️❤️❤️😍.”

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