‘Clueless’ Star Stacey Dash Claims Husband ‘Put Me In A Chokehold’ In Chilling 911 Call — Listen

In an alarming 911 call prior to her domestic violence arrest, Stacey Dash claims her husband put her in a chokehold, but he can be heard saying she slapped him and that she does it on a regular basis.

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Stacey Dash
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There’s a lot to unpack in the 911 call Clueless star Stacey Dash made from her Florida home on Sept. 29, claiming she was assaulted by her husband Jeffrey Marty. which you can listen to here. He can be heard accusing her of domestic violence on a regular basis while Stacey and her stepchildren continue to argue, even as the 911 operator begs the 51-year-old conservative pundit to stop engaging with them. The 6 minute 40 second call begins with Stacey saying, “I’ve been assaulted by my husband. We were all arguing. I asked his daughter to get out of my face. I pushed her back. He put me into a chokehold.” She then is heard telling someone in the room, “You wanna see the marks on my neck?” and “I didn’t hit you.”

Stacey tells the operator that she’s with three children and one adult and that, “They’re all talking about how they’re going to be a witness against me. Because I basically tried to get this 15-year-old out of my face.” Stacey then decides she doesn’t want police responding, telling the operator, “Well it’s calmed down now. I don’t think you need to come. If something else happens then I can call back. I’m going to leave the premises,” while the operator says, “We can still send somebody out there to make sure everything is okay.”

Stacey tells the operator that she has called her lawyer and he’s on the way to the house. “I’m going to do my best to leave the premises. I just want to get out of here safely,” she continues and the operator tells her that help is coming as fast as they can. But then Jeffrey can be heard telling his side of the story and accuses Stacey of regular domestic violence against him while she doesn’t say anything to refute it.

“Are you sure you want to stay here? I can’t believe you did this. First of all I can’t believe you’d go after her like that. Second of all when I pulled you off — the kind thing to do to get you away from this before you slapped her like you slapped me two seconds earlier,” Jeffrey can he heard saying. “Oh you would never do that, but you just did it to me. You’ve said a million times you’ll never do it again but you always do. There is domestic violence in this relationship and it’s not me committing it,” he continues as Stacey says nothing.

“If the cops come here we’re going to tell them exactly what happened. And if me pulling you off was not okay, fine. But I’m not scratching, hitting and all this stuff. I’m the one with the scratches,” Jeffrey adds while arguing can be heard among the kids, as the operator asks, “What’s going on in the background?”

“They’re arguing, they’re still saying what a bitch I am. How I’m the stepmother. How they all hate me and are disrespectful, awful children. We had to move in the first place cause the tenants downstairs were complaining constantly against them,” as Stacey breaks down crying. “Why don’t you guys shut up. You don’t know what my job is…just keep your mouth shut,” she’s heard telling someone in the room as a girl yells back, “We aren’t your children so don’t tell me to shut up.” “They are the most unruly children, please please…” Stacey tells the operator who keeps begging the actress to “Stop engaging them.”

Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies later arrived at the family’s home at 7:45pm local time on Sept. 29 and took Stacey into custody after seeing scratches on Jeffrey’s arm. She was held in jail overnight on suspicion of domestic violence charges. Stacey’s manager Nick Terry tells HollywoodLife.com:  “On the evening of Sunday, September 29, 2019, actress Stacey Dash and her husband had a marital dispute in their Tampa, FL suburb; Pasco County Deputies were dispatched to their residence. No charges were pressed by her husband, however, Deputies arrested Ms. Dash peacefully, as a formality. Ms. Dash’s husband appeared in court today, September 30th, on her behalf and Ms. Dash was released from the Land O’ Lakes detention facility. No further legal action is pending.”

He continues, “The marital dispute, while personal and unfortunate, has since been blown out of proportion. An earlier report on TMZ.com said her manager told TMZ that she was attacked by her husband – both the sources relationship to Ms. Dash and the events of the evening were misrepresented. Ms. Dash is a domestic abuse survivor from a previous relationship and has championed for other abuse victims to speak up. The untruthfulness being reported saddens Ms. Dash and her family – no further comments will be made and we ask that Ms. Dash and her family’s privacy will be respected.”