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Julianne Hough’s Hairstylist Reveals The Hottest Fall Trends & What You Should Ask For At The Salon

Julianne Hough has the most perfect hair & just in time for fall, her hairstylists, Riawna Capri & Nikki Lee, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, what this season's hottest hair trends are.

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Now that fall is officially in full swing, what better time to switch up your look than right now? To help you get some inspiration for your next makeover, Julianne Hough’s, 31, hairstylists, Riawna Capri, and Nikki Lee, co-owners of Nine Zero One Salon, spoke with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about the hottest hair trends for fall. “I think the trend has been disheveled, dry textures, messy, beachy waves and I think we’re now going to the opposite end of that – shiny, healthy, smooth hair. Dry textures are out and shiny sprays in,” Riawna revealed. As for Nikki, she admitted, “For color, I’ve been doing a lot of golden glow and I did a red that was a fire glow. Everything has this hint of glow to it and just a solid base with flickers of highlights throughout. The whole ‘rooted look’ and the ‘disheveled look,’ I’m steering clear of, but, having a little more than just an all over single process color to give dimension and depth. So, I’m calling it an all-over glow.”

While there’s tons of different hair trends to try this fall, there are also mistakes that people make when it comes to coloring and styling their hair. Nikki explained, when it comes to color, “I think people get into deep and they want to do a trendy thing but don’t really consider their lifestyle and how often they’ll be able to actually maintain it. For us, that’s a huge part of our job is getting that information out. Like hello, what do you do for work? If you want to do a bleach and tone, can you touch this up every three weeks? You know? So, being realistic and giving the people something that will make them happy.” Meanwhile, Riawna said, “Cut-wise I would say, understanding your natural hair texture and working with it instead of against it. A lot of times we’ll see celebrities with this beautiful hair that somebody took an hour and a half to style and they come in and say, ‘I want this,’ and you think, that’s actually unrealistic with your hair texture, you know? So, we always tell people to pull pictures for color and for cuts. Look for similar hair texture as yours, similar skin color, and similar eye color. Then you’re going to get a more realistic expectation when you’re asking for A, B, and C.”

With clients including Julianne, Emma Roberts, Ariel Winter, Halsey, and Lea Michele, just to name a few, Nine Zero One Salon has become the go-to hair destination for A-listers and Riawna shared her secrets to obtaining and maintaining her clientele. “Treat them normal. They’re all normal, just like you and me – they really are. Also, maintaining trust as we have. We can write books about stories, right? We know so much and they trust us so much and anything, everything they would ever say would never go anywhere. I think trust is not only in conversation, but also trust in their hair and then really listening to what they want and not just doing what we want,” Riawna confessed. Despite working with tons of different celebrities, the girls admitted that the most popular celebrity haircut people ask for when they come to the salon is Julianne’s.

As for some tips to keep in mind when you want to give your hair a complete refresh after the summer, Nikki said, “The In Common system. There’s no better way than giving your hair the ultimate treatment by nourishing it and putting vitamins back into it. As you know, in the summer, swimming in the pool and being in the sun causes your hair to be stripped of all these things. So, adding back in all the health elements.” If you want to maintain healthy hair after a dramatic color change, Nikki suggested, “At-home hair care, especially hair masks. I think people typically steer clear of masks because they feel like it weighs their hair down, but we beg to differ. I think every time you wash, you should be using a mask because your hair needs them, especially with the over styling and color processing.”

Riawna and Nikki’s haircare line, In Common, has a bunch of new launches which will get your hair in tip-top shape for fall, including the Clear Haze Universal Shampoo, Velvet Cloud Universal Mask, and three in-shower treatments – the Mended Sea Strengthening Enhancer, Mojave Rain Moisturizing Enhancer, and Static Silk Smoothing Enhancer, all available for purchase now on INCOMMONBeauty.com.