‘American Idol’s Cade Foehner Reveals When He Wants To Have Kids With Gabby Barrett After Wedding

Cade Foehner hasn't tied the knot with Gabby Barrett just yet, but the 'American Idol' alum already told HollywoodLife about their plans for a 'big family.' How soon will those plans turn into action?

Cade Foehner, Gabby Barrett
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Image Credit: Spence Prepard

Cade Foehner, 23, has three stepping stones to cross until welcoming his first child with fellow American Idol alum Gabby Barrett, 19: an engagement (check), wedding and moving in together! While the singer still has to tackle those last two steps, he told HollywoodLife all about stepping stone No. 4 — a “big family” — and what timeline Cade and his beautiful fiancée are looking at for kids. “Well we are going to wait just a little bit,” Cade admitted during our EXCLUSIVE interview, although talks about children are already underway! “But [Gabby] is a mother at heart, I mean, she mothers me very well. And we always talk about having a big family one day,” he added. But when is the question!

“We don’t know when to be sure, but we definitely want one,” Cade continued. The Texas native is especially excited to pass on his and Gabby’s faith, since both are members of California’s Grace Community Church! “We definitely want little babies to raise, and go tell people about Jesus. So that’s our dream for sure,” Cade told HollywoodLife. However, he again clarified that there’s no set date on the arrival of a baby: “We don’t know when though, just due to how busy music is and stuff like that.”

“Busy” is the right word to describe what’s currently on Cade and Gabby’s plates! Cade is dropping his new single, “Baby Let’s Do This,” on Sept. 25, although it’s already available for presale. The new track, which is all about Cade and Gabby’s decision to tie the knot, also has a music video starring both the groom and bride-to-be that is coming fans’ ways. Of course, there’s also the wedding that’s on the horizon, after Cade and Gabe’s engagement was announced on March 22. “I can tell you, it’s not going to be a big wedding,” Cade told HollywoodLife — you can read all the details about the upcoming nuptials in the rest of our interview, here.

Cade Foehner, Gabby Barrett
A sneak peek at Cade Foehner’s music video with Gabby Barrett, for his new single “Baby Let’s Do This.” (Photo Credit: Spence Peppard)

Cade and Gabby have already gotten in parenting practice by hanging out with Felicity, the 1-year-old daughter of Counting On stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo. The two couples went on a double date on Aug. 15, and Cade admitted that Jinger’s mini me is fond of Gabby! “I will hold Felicity sometimes. We got in the car the other day with Jinger, and she saw me and she just freaked out, and started crying because I scared her, I guess my hair and stuff. It’s just a lot to take in for an immediate point,” Cade mused to HollywoodLife. He added, “But Gabby and [Felicity] get along great. She doesn’t know about me, but she loves Gabby.”

Cade and Gabby met on Season 16 of American Idol, which aired in 2018. They started dating while competing against one another, but it will soon be them against the world forever!

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