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Cade Foehner Reveals Which ‘Idol’ Alum Are Invited To His & Gabby Barrett’s ‘Intimate’ Wedding

We caught up with 'American Idol' alum, Cade Foehner, and got EXCLUSIVE scoop about his upcoming wedding to Gabby Barrett -- including which fellow 'Idol' stars will be getting an invite!

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Six months after getting engagedCade Foehner and Gabby Barrett are gearing up for their upcoming wedding. “I can tell you, it’s not going to be a big wedding,” Cade admitted to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “I’ve heard a lot of people, I guess speculating and telling me it’s going to be a huge wedding in LA with security and helicopters and all that stuff. I was like…that’s ridiculous! No it’s not! It’s going to be a small, kind of intimate-setting wedding. We’re just trying to have family and family friends, mainly. The main goal with that is just to share our love with our loved ones!”

Cade and Gabby met when they were both contestants on season 16 of American Idol, and Cade confirmed that their fellow competitor, Caleb Lee Hutchinson, will be in attendance at the nuptials. “He will be in the wedding,” the singer dished. “He’s going to be one of my men.” Of course, Caleb’s girlfriend, Maddie Poppe, who’s also from the show, is invited, as well. Cade also added that he and Gabby have sent invites to “the whole top five or six” contestants from their season. The couple also happen to be very good friends with Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and those two have also scored an invite. “Jeremy is going to be part of the wedding also,” Cade revealed.

Right now, Cade and Gabby are not living together, but he’s looking forward to sharing a home with his wife once they tie the knot. “I just can’t wait to be able to know that she’s coming home to me,” he gushed. “She doesn’t live somewhere else — she just comes home to me. She’s seriously my best friend in the whole world. There’s nothing I would rather do than just sit around watching movies with her.”

When they do finally make a home together, they plan to live in Nashville, which is the most convenient location for both of their music careers. “Every time we’re not here, we need to be here,” Cade admitted. “I feel like this is a good spot, and a safe spot, that we both know very well.”

On Sept. 25, Cade and Gabby will release their new single, “Baby Let’s Do This,” which is available for pre-sale now. “We’re moving in a country direction with this one,” Cade said. “This song really hit me because me and Gabby always have those conversations of…let’s just run off and go get married! Because it’s so hard to do the back and forth deal where she goes home to Pittsburgh and I go home to Texas, and then we see each other in between tours and stuff like that. So, it’s something we always talked about and this song just really hits the nail on the head for what me and Gabby are going through right now. Had we not picked a date and stuff [already], we would certainly maybe run off!”