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‘Are You The One?’ Finale Recap: The Perfect Matches For Season 8 Are Finally Revealed

With $750,000 on the line, the pressure was on for the 'Are You The One?' season 8 cast to figure out the remaining three perfect matches during the Sept. 9 finale -- and tensions were HIGH.

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Six players are still unsure of who their perfect match is on the season eight finale of Are You The One?Justin, Max, Kari, Amber, Kylie and Remy. At the last match-up ceremony, Max and Kari sat together, Justin and Remy sat together and Amber and Kylie sat together, but only one of those couples was confirmed to be correct. So, the group is left with figuring out which of the pairs was the right one and how to mix up the other four people to find the other two right matches.

The three winners of the daily challenge are Kylie, Kari and Basit, which means they each get to take one person on a date. Kylie chooses Amber, Basit picks Jonathan (who, based on strategy, are already a perfect match) and Kari picks Max. Now, the rest of the cast has a huge decision to make when it comes to who to put in the truth booth, as this will hopefully prove which extra light beam they got correct at the last match-up ceremony. Both Amber/Kylie and Max/Kari are convinced that they’re the perfect match, so this one pair’s chance to prove it.

The rest of the house votes in Amber/Kylie. That way, if they are a perfect match, there will be 100% certainty with how to mix up the other two couples, since Max and Justin are already a confirming non match. Unfortunately, the plan does not work in their favor, as Amber and Kylie are a NO MATCH!

Max is now 100% convinced that he and Kari are the extra light beam from the last match up, while Amber is convinced that her perfect match is Justin, who she’s had a connection with for quite some time. However, after the six stragglers get together to chat, Amber and Remy start to pick up on some reasons they could be a perfect match, and Justin and Kylie begin to form a connection. Later that night, though, Amber and Justin hookup, which leads to even more confusion.

Finally, it’s time for the final match-up ceremony. Max picks Kari and Amber picks Remy, which leaves Justin and Kylie together. The other couples (Danny and Kai, Jonathan and Basit, Paige and Jenna and Jasmine and Nour) all match up once again based on strategy, while Brandon and Aasha are already a confirmed match from the truth booth.

After a drawn out lighting ceremony, all eight matches are confirmed, which means the group wins $750,000!