Charlie Puth Teases His Next Single & Reveals The ’90s Inspo Behind ‘I Warned Myself’

Charlie Puth is ready to give his fans more music & he spoke to HL about his inspiration behind his latest release!

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We’re here to warn you that Charlie Puth has a lot more music coming your way! The singer spoke to in an EXCLUSIVE interview at the Elle Women In Music event during NYFW, and surprised us with the beloved ’90s hit that he said was the inspiration behind his new track “I Warned Myself.” “I make songs by listening to songs that are completely different from what [mine] are, and I was listening to ‘Everything You Want’ by Vertical Horizon, and it’s about a vicious cycle of just going back to something that you know is no good for you but you just keep going back to anyway because that 1% of the time it feels amazing, but 99% of the time it doesn’t,” Charlie explained. “I was just like really inspired by that — that sentiment of making a song like that — and that’s what I did.”

The “Attention” singer also revealed he’ll be dropping a new singer called “Mother” on September 12th, and he even has another one up his sleeve! “We’re putting three songs out and then fans will decide what song goes to radio,” he explained. “The response has been amazing so far. I know ‘I Warned Myself’ is a complete departure from what I’ve done, but I’m very happy.” We love it, too!

Charlie also spoke about his friendship with David Dobrik, as the two collaborated on a video back in April. “He takes such command with his camera. I really love that,” he complimented the YouTubers. “As a former YouTuber myself, I used to actually hold the camera myself and make the videos. But, it’s pretty cool seeing them do their thing!”

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