‘The Hills’: Brandon Lee Opens Up About His Feud With Spencer Pratt & Brody Jenner’s Split With Kaitlynn Carter

Brandon Lee's season on 'The Hills: New Beginnings' saw him get in Spencer Pratt's crosshairs and he doesn't know what he did to make him so angry.

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To be friends with Brody Jenner is to be enemies with Spencer Pratt. That’s a lesson that Brandon Lee learned on The Hills: New Beginnings as the onetime pals have been in a longstanding feud. He still doesn’t know why Spencer blocked him on social media as the two got along and didn’t have a beef. He tells us EXCLUSIVELY that he has no clue about Spencer’s actions. “I have no idea why. Like I texted him and I was like, ‘Oh he blocked my number too.’ I still have no idea what I did. Like no one’s even told me. I wish he would release a statement of why,” he explains to HollywoodLife.com.

Spencer, 36, and his sister Stephanie, 33, are also enemies and she said she’s not going to return for a second season of the MTV revival. Brandon and Steph got along well and he’s sad to see her go. “Stephanie is a very complex individual. She’s wonderful. You know, I wish her the best in whatever she is pursuing next. You know, we’d obviously love to have her, but if that’s not in the cards for her, you know, we wish her the best,” he tells us.

Brandon THomas Lee
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Spencer and wife Heidi Montag, 32, have dealt with a lot of drama on-screen and off with Stephanie, so how has Brandon navigated that? “I tend to avoid choosing sides, especially with the Pratts because then you just feel the wrath. But I don’t know. I mean I’m somehow still affected by it since Spencer just blocks me on everything now and I don’t know what happened,” he reveals.

“I think because I went on his sister’s podcast. Yeah. I don’t know what’s happening with that whole situation. You know, I wish them the best. I just wish they could all kind of be friends. But obviously that’s not the case anymore. So I have no idea what’s going to happen with that,” Brandon adds.

Brandon Thomas Lee
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Besides all of the drama Spencer caused on the show, there’s been tons of off-screen drama involving Brody, 36, and Kaitlynn Carter‘s split, and her subsequent romance with Miley Cyrus, 26. Look, that’s just another tough situation,” he tells us. “You know, obviously love them both very much and they’re both really amazing people. I think just right now, I don’t know. They’re keeping to themselves about it. I don’t really don’t know much about it.”


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