Farrah Abraham Defends Letting Sophia, 10, Wear Makeup: ‘She Doesn’t Need To Feel Shamed’

Farrah Abraham is all for letting her little girl, 10-year-old Sophia, wear makeup when she wants. She explains why it's 'normal, healthy, and beautiful' in our exclusive interview.

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Farrah Sophia Abraham
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Farrah Abraham fully supports her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia Abraham‘s love for makeup, and she’s not about to let any mom-shamers make her feel differently. The swimsuit model and former Teen Mom star, 28, spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY on the red carpet at Beautycon LA about why she’s okay with letting her precocious elementary schooler rock a little highlighter or eye glitter. “I would hope that Sophia can express herself however she wants in a safe and happy place,” Farrah said. “She doesn’t need to feel ashamed for wearing makeup at any age. It’s normal, it’s healthy, it’s beautiful, it’s great.”

Farrah added that she would get mom-shamed either way, and that the timing of Sophia’s desire to play with lipstick and sparkles is actually perfect. “It’s a good time to teach her about cleaning her face and good skincare with it, which I really love,” she explained, while standing alongside a dolled-up Sophia on the red carpet. “As a mom, I just want to set her up for success.” As you can see in the above video and below portrait, Sophia really has nailed her makeup! She did perfect highlighter on her cheekbones and brows, and matched her berry eyeshadow and lipstick to her cute, sequined outfit.

“Sophia has a killer YouTube channel,” Farrah proudly mentioned. “People are loving the makeup, loving the beauty tips. And — Sophia, you were talking about preteen acne and those kinds of things — I think it’s great to get the conversation going. And I don’t have time for those haters.”

Farrah Sophia Abraham
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Farrah’s attitude about makeup is similar to what Tina Knowles said during an interview at Beautycon LA about granddaughter Blue Ivy Carter. Beyonce’s mother said that Jay Z isn’t too fond of Blue playing with makeup, but it’s all in good fun! If she wants to rock a major cat eye, then more power to the little hit-maker.