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Ashley Tisdale Reveals Why She Doesn’t ‘Miss’ Sharpay 13 Years After ‘HSM’: ‘I’ve Grown So Much’

Ashley Tisdale played Sharpay Evans in 'High School Musical' 13 years ago. Now, she's revealing to HL why she's been searching for a role that's 'just as exciting.'

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Ashley Tisdale
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Ashley Tisdale doesn’t miss her High School Musical days, during which she originated the role of Sharpay Evans in the 2006 TV movie. “I think she was perfect for the time in my life and that’s why I was even able to play her. I think I’ve grown so much as a person, that even if they asked me to play her tomorrow, I would never be able to do it, because I was so unaware of myself at the time,” she admitted in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife while promoting her partnership with Allergan’s “Women Who Know” campaign. “The best part about Sharpay was that she was unaware of everybody around her, and she was only aware of herself in that moment. I feel like I wouldn’t even be able to go there, but I’ve been honestly searching for a role that’s been just as exciting, because the best part was that she had so much to create.”

Ashley feels that she has found that role in her upcoming Netflix series Merry Happy Whatever, which she says “has a lot of depth to it.” “It’s a character I wasn’t even prepared to be this awesome. She’s a middle child, a little crazy, and it’s so fun to have all these different layers to her,” she said. The series, which will premiere in November 2019, is a dark-comedy starring Dennis Quaid, from Everybody Loves Raymond executive producer Tucker Cawley. “It’s been really wonderful finding a character that I’m like, ‘This is one of the best characters I’ve ever done,'” Ashley continued.

As part of her growth that she’s endured over the last year, the actress revealed she learned to be “open and honest” that helped her “find confidence” in herself. “In doing that, I’m able to talk about subjects, like Allergan’s ‘Women Who Know’ campaign on my platform and feel great about it. If I can make someone feel less alone in their journey with other things, hopefully I can make them feel less alone in talking to their doctor about these conversations that might be a little uncomfortable,” Ashley shared. Allergan, the maker of the #1-prescribed birth control pill by OB/GYNs, Lo Loestrin® Fe, launched their campaign to focus on supporting women in their endeavors to make conscious and educated decisions about their contraceptive options.

“It’s important to know there are options for pregnancy prevention, and it could be because you’re working, and you’re traveling or you’re just married and not ready to start a family,” Ashley explained. “There are options but my biggest thing is, just because it might work for someone else, doesn’t mean it might work for you, so you have to know there’s important risks involved, and you should definitely talk to your doctor about what is best for you.” In support of the partnership, Ashley has filmed videos for social media in which she’s asking questions to a healthcare provider, to help start what might be considered an awkward conversation. “I’m hoping with my platform, to inspire and support women on having those conversations,” she said. Be sure to check out for more information.