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Khloe Kardashian Thinks Jordyn Woods Deliberately Hung Out With James Harden – ‘It’s No Coincidence’

After Jordyn Woods was seen out at a nightclub with NBA player James Harden, Khloe Kardashian thinks that yet another rendezvous with one of her exes was no coincidental run-in.

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Jordyn Woods, 21, stirred up major controversy when she kissed Khloe Kardashian’s former boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, 28, on the lips and now — she’s been spotted canoodling with another one of Koko’s exes. However, it appears that Khloe isn’t chalking the meet up between Jordyn and James Harden, 29, as a coincidence. A source close to Khloe EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that Khloe feels that Jordyn’s actions are deliberate at this point. “Khloe Kardashian is truly confused as to why Jordyn Woods was hanging out with JamesKhloe feels Jordyn is hanging out with her exes deliberately to get a reaction out of her and truly doesn’t care about her or her family’s feelings. She does not believe she accidentally ran into him at all. To Khloe, this was not a coincidence. It’s really disheartening and she wishes she would stop. She honestly thought after Tristan, she would never be seen with a Kardashian ex ever again and feels this is really a low blow and not cool,” the source explains. HollywoodLife has reached out to reps of both stars for comment.

As fans know, it was in February of 2019 that Jordyn was seen out with Tristan, and even admitted to locking lips with him at a house party at the time, causing her long-time friendship with the Kar-Jenner family to crumble. Now, with a second similar instance, Khloe is confused as to why Jordyn would play that card. “She just doesn’t understand why Jordyn is doing this, still and wishes she’d find someone not connected to the family to go hang out with,” our source adds. “She knows Jordyn knows what she’s doing, but why she’d go out of her way to be so hurtful, Khloe doesn’t get.”
Apparently, the sighting was upsetting for the entire family, and Jordyn’s former BFF Kylie Jenner, 21, is done with the friendship for good, a separate source tells us. “Kylie was so upset when she heard Jordyn was out with James Harden, so she decided to unfollow Jordyn on Instagram. It was the final straw for her. She still followed Jordyn because she still had just a little bit of hope that with time, they could talk and try to rebuild something,” a source close to Kylie tells HL.
It was on July 24 that Jordyn was spotted kicking it with the professional basketball player in Houston. The Rockets’ superstar player was seen casually sitting on a couch in a fan-taken video at the city’s Belle Station bar, and was seated directly behind Jordyn. The two partied it up together and Jordyn even appeared to be sitting on his lap at one point. The club sighting was the last straw for Kylie, who finally unfollowed her former friend on Instagram after months of remaining an active friend on social media, despite their fallout in real life.