Selena Gomez’s Feelings Revealed After Fans Accuse Becky G Of ‘Throwing Shade’ At Her

Selenators went on the attack against Becky G, accusing her of throwing shade at Selena Gomez during a music challenge. We've got how Sel is feeling after the 'Taki Taki' dust-up.

Poor Becky G felt the wrath of Selena Gomez‘s fans after they took her shading Sel’s verse from “Taki Taki” as a diss at the Selena herself. During  Seventeen’s “Latino Legends Lyric Challenge,”  DJ Snake’s collab with Selena, 28, Ozuna and Cardi B came up and Becky, 22, said “Oh I know this one. I’ll never forget this one because when I heard it, I was a little confused because it says, something, ‘Come in the party, have a fiesta, blow out the candles and have a siesta’ but I don’t want to have a siesta in the middle of the fiesta.” She was totally joking, adding, “Like, I want to party. I wouldn’t take a nap, you know what I’m saying? But yeah, of course I know this one.” Selenators went on the warpath thinking she was dissing Selena and not the lyrics. ”

“Selena thinks this whole ordeal over Becky G’s comments has been blown way out of proportion. Selena holds no hard feelings or grudge over Becky’s comments about her lyrics and doesn’t get what all the fuss is about. Selena and Becky worked together on the Hotel Transylvania movie, they’re very friendly and have no beef whatsoever,” a source close to Selena tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Selena completely respects Becky as an artist and didn’t think she was throwing shade at all. Selena more than appreciates her fans coming to her defense and standing up for her, but there is no reason for anybody to drag Becky.”

Becky made it clear that she wasn’t dragging Selena and attacked “stan” culture in a tweet. “I have always loved & supported a true queen like Sel. To cut a snippet of a video & take it completely out of context is what is so wrong about this ‘Stan’ culture,” Becky replied, adding, “Sad to see yet another ‘fan’ going against what their favorite artist believes in by putting other females down.”

“Selena is one of Becky’s idols, she’s a huge fan so that’s what makes this even more ridiculous. She couldn’t stay quiet on it because she would be SO upset if Selena ever thought she was trying to drag her. She loves Selena. Becky is strong but this isn’t easy to deal with, people jumping on everything she says trying to twist it. That really gets her angry, so she stood up for herself and she’s happy she did,” a second source tells us EXCLUSIVELY.

A third source tells us EXCLUSIVELY, “Becky G is as real as it gets and she doesn’t want to be involved in any BS. She isn’t surprised people dragged her down and made it look like she was dragging Selena down, but that is as far from the truth as possible. She gets the comparisons between her and Selena, but she truly believes they are two unique artists. She loves Selena, would work with her in the future in a heartbeat. There is no drama or ill will towards Selena at all. What does it benefit Becky to start a feud with someone like Selena? Becky is a smart and beyond intelligent person and artist and she respects Selena, and that is the end of the story.”

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