Diddy & Lori Harvey: How She Helped Uplift Him After Kim Porter’s Death — She ‘Makes Him Happy’

Diddy and Lori Harvey have been spotted spending time together in recent months, and now we know why.

Diddy Lori Harvey Kim Porter Death
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Diddy, 49, and Lori Harvey, 22, were photographed enjoying a night out in New York City together this week. They both wore blue and white stripes and their coordinated outfits further fueled rumors that they’re dating. They’ve also been spotted together multiple times this year, including at a reggae music festival in March in Miami. Many fans are convinced they’re a couple, but a source close to Diddy tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that things between the music mogul and the much younger beauty are not necessarily what they seem.

Lori has been friends with the whole family for years,” says our source. “But she and Diddy have gotten a lot closer over the past six months or so, really since Kim’s (Porter) death because Lori was very close to Kim too. She was grieving too, so she was really able to be there for Diddy in his grief. She uplifts him. This has been one of the hardest times of Diddy’s life, if not the hardest, so anyone that can bring light to his life he cherishes. And Lori has a way of making him smile, she makes him happy, they’re good friends.”

Diddy has been mourning the death of Kim Porter, the mother of his children  Christian Combs, 21, and twin daughters, D’Lila and Jessie, 13. She passed away suddenly from pneumonia in Nov. 2018 at just 47-years-old. Her shocking death hit the hip hop legend very hard because, according to him, they were “more than soulmates.”

Diddy’s close relationship with Lori is confusing for many fans because she’s previously been linked to his son Justin Combs, 25. But a source tells HollywoodLife that Lori has “always denied” that they dated. “People have really jumped to a lot of conclusions when it comes to Lori,” says our source. “She’s been “linked” to so many men, and then it goes from being linked to people saying she’s in a full on relationship. She’s always denied dating Justin, she’s been close to the entire Combs family for years and says people just jumped to their own conclusions about her and Justin.”

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