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50 Cent Admits That He Won’t Ever Stop Trolling Wendy Williams: ‘I Don’t Like Her’

50 Cent is the king of online trolling when it comes to other celebrities. One of his top targets is enemy Wendy Williams and he breaks down for us why he goes after her as much as he does.

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50 Cent and Wendy Williams
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Wendy Williams has been the target of incessant trolling by 50 Cent, but he says that’s because she’s gone in on him on her daytime talk show so many times. We caught up with him while he was promoting his show Power on STARZ and believe it or not, he said Wendy, 55, isn’t even his favorite person to troll, as his list is long. “I don’t like her. You know why? She said things about me consistently over the years and it was at points that I was not necessarily in control of the things that she was talking about and you’ll find its really not…” he tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

“When you’re sensitive to certain things that people are really not just using it for their personal content and gain. But now that she’s successful, I can say things about her. If she wasn’t as successful, I wouldn’t even be talking about her. It would be me bullying a woman,” he continues.

“Her being so successful and people are aware of how she had that success. She did it for talking about people. When Britney Spears is shaving her head and umbrella at the camera, it’s not because she doesn’t have a hit record, it’s because of her personal life and that image if you google it, it’s wider than her album covers because people love trouble. And turmoil,” Fiddy explains.

As for what he loves about trolling, the 44-year-old mogul says “Well, people troll me and I’m being jokey constantly and I’m watching and acclimated to their concept of how to deal with things. Nobody sees it when they’re doing it to me but me constantly. And then, when I start to respond that way they go, ‘He’s doing it, too!'” 50 adds that he will “always’ be in the trolling game as he gets such a kick out of it.

Believe it or not, despite the bad blood online with Fiddy when it comes to Wendy, he’d be open to having the daytime talk show host appear in a guest spot on Power. After all, business is business! When we asked if fans would ever see Wendy on the show, he told us “I’m not sure. If the right scene comes up for her, then yes” and that “I wouldn’t stop it if it was the right thing” should a role that suited for Wendy come along on his show.