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Michelle Obama Looks Chic & Gorgeous In White Summer Dress

The former First Lady looked radiant in a pristine white dress while arriving at the Greenwich Hotel in New York City for lunch on July 25.

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Image Credit: Robert O'Neil / SplashNews.com

Michelle Obama looked chic and sophisticated while arriving at a New York City hotel on July 25 for lunch. She wore a gorgeous, bright white dress with short sleeves, and a cinched waist. The midi dress hit her just under the knee and was incredibly flattering. She paired the dress with a white purse, and a scarf attached to the strap of the bag. Her perfect summer look also included modest wedges with tan ankle straps — flirty and feminine. She wore big tortoise sunglasses and her hair was in her natural curl pattern.

Michelle is dolling out some amazing advice lately. She told future college freshman at her recent “Beating the Odds” Summit on July 23: “Think of the dangerous cocktail of what college provides: young people on their own for the first time, feeling stress, being able to eat what they want, stay up as late as they want. And smoking and drinking. Everyone’s getting there thinking, ‘I’m free! I’m going to do it all!’ That’s a combustible combination. You need to be thinking, ‘Am I partying a little too hard? Am I staying up too late?'”

She continued, “Recognize your own panic points and when and how to get the support that you need on campus. Nobody’s going to come and say, ‘Ooh girl, you look stressed! You need to see somebody.'” Your mental health is so important, so pay attention to yourself!

She sympathized with apprehensive students, saying: “Making new friends in college can be tough but here is one thing I want you to know: be patient. It takes time, understand that everyone is in the same boat as you, you’re in a class full of freshmen, so they are all as nervous as you are, keep that in mind. But you’re going to have to step out of your comfort zone: don’t spend a lot of time in your dorm room, get out, walk up and introduce yourself to people, be bold or bolder than you usually are, and try to join some clubs. Do things outside of the classroom, extracurricular activities, if you like sports, try and play some sports, you will be surprised out easy it is to make friends once you put yourself out there.” Great advice, as usual!