Wendy Williams Calls On Kris Jenner & Kanye To Tell Kim To Help Free ASAP Rocky From Swedish Prison

Wendy Williams has joined the group of stars demanding the release of ASAP Rocky, who's been in a Swedish prison for over 2 weeks following his arrest for alleged assault. But, she wants Kim Kardashian to take the lead in helping free the rapper!

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Wendy Williams & Kim Kardashian
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Wendy Williams, 54, sent a public request to friends Kris Jenner, 63, and Kanye West, 42, to call Kim Kardashian, 38, to help free ASAP Rocky, 30, from a Swedish prison. The host, who joined in on the support for Rocky on her July 17 show, believes Kim’s involvement with prison reform and her relationship with President Donald Trump could be the key to helping the rapper return back to the states. “I think this is something Kim should get involved in, and I’ll tell you why,” Wendy began, explaining how Kim’s “involved with the law right now, and this would be a big feather in her cap if she can make this happen.”

Wendy continued: “I don’t think she should be the main person, but get in touch with a law firm… and they need to handle it and Kim needs to be in the shadows, quietly making it happen. Or, she needs to go to the white house and try to figure something out.. and Kanye [West], please ask your wife to make this happen. Kim, if you’re watching, Kris call Kim! I think she should get involved with this,” Wendy said.

Fans of Kim will know that she’s been a pillar in advocating for prison reform. Her first big move in creating change was her involvement in cases such as Alice Johnson‘s — a grandmother who was serving life in prison in Alabama for a nonviolent drug conviction. Kim, who learned about Alice’s story through social media, lobbied on her behalf in a meeting with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office in June 2018. A few days after the meeting, President Trump commuted Alice’s sentence.

Kim, who did not complete college, revealed her plans to study for she the bar exam in 2022 in a May cover interview with Vogue. The entrepreneur said she began a four-year apprenticeship with a law firm in San Francisco last summer. “I had to think long and hard about this,” Kim said. California, where Kim resides, is one of four states that allows someone an alternate method to take the bar exam other than attending law school.

Wendy may be onto something. Kim could be the one person to help free ASAP Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Mayers. The rapper was in Sweden to headline Smash x Stadion, a two-day hip-hop festival that began on July 2 in the country’s capital, when he ran into trouble. A fight occured on June 30 in Stockholm, and Rocky was arrested on “probable grounds for serious assault,” the Swedish Prosecution Authority said in a statement last week. Rocky still remains in a Swedish detention center, which contains poor living conditions, according to multiple reports.

The rapper posted two videos on his Instagram account on July 2 that he claimed showed he and his entourage being followed by two men. In one clip, Rocky and his entourage repeatedly tell the men to stop following them. “We don’t know these guys and we didn’t want trouble,” Rocky wrote in the caption, adding that the individuals allegedly followed him four blocks.