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Chanel West Coast Reveals The ‘Ridiculousness’ Videos That Disturb Her The Most

'Ridiculousness' isn't all fun and games! Chanel West Coast revealed in our exclusive interview that some videos on the show are so gross, they make her stomach hurt.

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Chanel West Coast
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After 13 seasons on MTV’s Ridiculousness, Chanel West Coast has seen it all. The rapper, 30, has been a commentator on Rob Dyrdek‘s show since 2011, and she’s bombarded with viral internet videos each and every week. Some are amazingly funny, some… kind of gross, she says. In fact, sometimes she can’t even look at the disturbing clips, she told HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview! “I turn my head [away from the videos] all the time, but I don’t think they ever show that,” Chanel told us while at debut of iTalk’s Motivational Nightlife Series in Los Angeles on July 12. “I think that they don’t want to show how disturbing some of the videos are! But, if you come to see the show live you’ll see that there’s constant clips where I’m just like [looking] completely the other way.”

You would think that after eight years on Ridiculousness, and two years on the beloved MTV series Rob and Big, that Chanel wouldn’t be fazed anymore. Not the case! The “Sharon Stoned” singer said that there’s plenty of moments where she cringes. “I’m kind of used to it now, but it’s the disgusting clips that kind of hurt your stomach. Those are the ones that I can’t watch,” she said. “It’s really usually the ones that [show] somebody throwing up or something like that. I can’t even look, you know?” It’s not all gross out clips, though. Sometimes, the videos Rob makes her watch are super sweet! “My faves are all of the clips we have about babies because we have so many cute, funny baby clips. I’m always telling them we need more cute baby clips, and I like the dog ones. Little puppy ones — babies and puppies are my favorites.”

Chanel also gave us some key tips for looking ultra sexy on Instagram. She always takes perfect pics, so of course we wanted her advice for our own selfies. The secret, Chanel said, is finding your angle. “I have really good photographers. I have to because I’m the type of person — if you catch me from a good angle it’s like, ‘wow, okay’ — but if you catch me from a bad angle, it’s like, ‘is that her?’ So, there’s a fine line between beautiful and atrocious.” Fair enough!

Chanel West Coast

She also recommends having one of your female friends take your pic. “Having a good photographer is everything because some people just don’t have that eye. Some people don’t get it, especially guys. They love to take pictures from below and it’s like, no. No girl wants that bottom chin thing going on. You know what I mean?”