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Chanel West Coast Shares Her Secret To Taking The Hottest Instagram Pics

Chanel West Coast always looks super sexy in her Instagram pics and the rapper recently revealed her ultra luxe trick to making sure she always has goal-worthy shots to post on her page.

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Chanel West Coast Instagram Pics
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Image Credit: Billy Bennight

Chanel West Coast 30, has been crowned one of our Instagram queens of the week for a reason – the “Old Fashioned” rapper always looks flawless on the ‘gram. It turns out she has one big secret to getting those perfect pics – she travels everywhere with her very own photographer. Her secret isn’t exactly one the average person can copy but, Chanel told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at the debut of iTalk’s Motivational Nightlife Series in Los Angeles on July 12, that for her it’s a must. “I have really good photographers. I have to because I’m the type of person, if you catch me from a good angle it’s like, wow, OK, but if you catch me from a bad angle, it’s like, is that her? So, there’s a fine line between beautiful and atrocious.”

Chanel is so gorgeous it’s hard to believe anyone could take a bad picture of her, but she insisted that she needs a photographer with the right eye – and she generally prefers her picture to be taken by another woman. “Having a good photographer is everything because some people just don’t have that eye. Some people don’t get it, especially guys. They love to take pictures from below and it’s like, no. No girl wants that bottom chin thing going on. You know what I mean? So, that’s why it’s also good to have female photographers because they get it. They know the right angles and that kind of helps. Female photographers – I’m not trying to diss male photographers – but female photographers, I think they really can get those angles because they just know.”

Chanel, who performed at the innovative leadership event, revealed she’s currently single and not interested in dating. “I’m just trying to focus on my career and not rush into relationships because I’ve done that in the past. So, I’m taking my time to be single now.”

Chanel West Coast
Chanel West Coast shows off her perfect curves on the red carpet of the iTalk Motivational Nightlife event in Los Angeles on July 12 (photo credit: Billy Bennight)

It makes perfect sense that Chanel wants to focus on her career because she’s in the process of releasing a ton of new music. In fact, she revealed during our interview that fans will be surprised by her upcoming album. “I have another new single dropping next month called, ‘I Be Like’,”  the stunning blonde said. “It’s featuring this really dope rapper named Dax and then I have another single after that coming out, but I’m not going to tell you too much about that yet. But, it’s going to be a big one and I’m working on my album. I don’t think people are expecting as much singing as there is on there, but there’s going to be a lot more singing than rapping.”