Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos Reveal Awkward Moment Daughter, 18, Walked In On Them Having Sex

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos' daughter Lola got an awful 18th birthday surprise when she walked in on her parents having Father's Day sex. She claims that as a result they ruined her life.

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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos
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The spark is still hot in Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa‘s marriage, but they might want to start locking their bedroom door when they get amorous. Mark filled in as guest host on Live! With Kelly and Ryan on June 17 and as a result the couple were able to relay the story of their 18-year-old daughter Lola walking in on them having sex the day before. “It was late morning, it was Father’s Day” Mark said with a satisfied twinkle in his eye. Kelly, 48, then chimed in “I’m going to be honest, I was not in the mood. I had a house full of people,” and Mark, 48, added “I could tell you were going through the motions. I didn’t mind, but you were going through the motions,” as the audience laughed.

Kelly went on to explain “I had my in-laws in the kitchen. I knew they were hungry. I had a house full of people. Anytime there are people in the house I’m not really relaxed, but he was like ‘but it’s Father’s Day’ and I was like that doesn’t typically conjure up amorous thoughts, but okay.” Mark then explained they saw the bedroom door open and yelled for whoever it was to close it and Lola yelled “Thanks a lot, it’s my birthday.” Kelly added “She shuts the door and yells “you just ruined my birthday and my life and I used to see in color and now everything is grey,” which Mark confirmed were Lola’s exact words verbatim.

But the trauma didn’t end there as it continued over brunch downstairs. Kelly explained how the whole family — including Mark’s dad and sister — were all eating then Lola burst out “You’re disgusting” at the couple with a sassy hand gesture. Mark explained how he tried to get her to calm down and Lola told them “You guys have no chill. You act like you’re 20 but you’re not.” Kelly explained how she was still trying to talk in code because of her in-laws, saying “We weren’t in the kitchen, we weren’t in the hallway, we weren’t in your room!”

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Mark said he wasn’t sure Lola saw anything but Kelly confirmed she made eye contact with her daughter while they were going at it in bed. Then he said that once Lola opened up the can of worms over brunch, their other kids Michael, 22, and Joaquin, 16, also started sharing stories of when they walked in on their parents having sex. Kelly then laughed explained Lola said “I knocked. You’re just deaf from exercise class,” which she said may or may not be true. Mark revealed that when Lola returned to their bedroom that evening say goodnight, she made her point by pounding on their door so loud like a fireman to let them know she was there before saying “Poor Lola” with a sigh.