F-Factor Founder Tanya Zuckerbrot: How To ‘Rev Up Your Metabolism’ & Burn Fat With The Diet Olivia Culpo Loves

It's bikini season & F-Factor founder Tanya Zuckerbrot has the perfect way to keep you full & satisfied, while also burning major fat on a diet that celebs love!

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F-Factor Founder Tanya Zuckerbrot
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Image Credit: Courtesy of Tanya Zuckerbrot

Say goodbye to fad diets, starving yourself and counting calories. Celebrity dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot founded F-Factor after putting patients with high cholesterol on a high-fiber, low carb diet, and finding that, in addition to lowering their symptoms, they were also losing weight. “F-Factor is the most disruptive and liberating approach to weight loss and management. You actually can lose weight without hunger, you feel full throughout the day and you’re getting healthier,” Tanya explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com. “What makes it effective is the combination of fiber and protein. Fiber revs up your metabolism, it keeps you full for hours and it makes calories and fats disappear. Protein is essential for maintaining muscle mass, so you’re not just skinny/flabby — you can also look lean and strong, which is awesome in your bathing suit!”

Tanya, who has been the official Dietitian for Miss USA and Miss Universe winners for the last 10 years, worked and continues to work with Olivia Culpo, who of course is one of our bikini body inspos! “Every other diet, you’re starving, but with F-Factor, people complain it’s too much food! It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality of food you’re eating. It’s so liberating because you really are losing weight without hunger,” she explained. The F-Factor diet is based around 4 key principles, that will absolutely change the way you think about food and dieting. Those include eating carbs, which Tanya explains help to lose weight when the carbs are fiber-rich, and drinking alcohol (in moderation!) which is A-okay! The diet really is a lifestyle change, as it also allows you to workout less, and dine out!

“The fiber is what makes this so unique,” Tanya continued. “On F-Factor, we let you drink, we let you dine out. By adding all this fiber in your diet, the fiber adds volume so you’re getting large portions of food with low caloric density, and that’s why the weight loss happens.” The celebrity dietitian introduced her own line of 20/20 Fiber/Protein Powder, which can be used for multiple foods, from smoothies to waffle batter! The powder is packed with 20 grams of fat-fighting fiber and 20 grams of muscle-building organic protein, and it’s only 3g net carbs for 2 scoops. Plus, Tanya launched a new line of delicious F-Factor Fiber/Protein bars in a creamy Peanut Butter and indulgent Chocolate!

The fiber is truly the key to achieving weight loss with F-Factor, and it’s hard to find since the US has essentially stripped fiber from the over processed foods we’re addicted to. “If you were to pair fiber with anything you’re eating, the fiber will absorb some of the fatting calories,” Tanya said, explaining why the diet works. “There’s a study that found when women double their fiber intake from 12 grams of fiber per day to 24, they naturally absorbed 90 calories less per day, and you might say, ’90 calories a day, that’s nothing?’ That’s almost 10 pounds of weight lost in a year, not by removing anything, but just by adding in more fiber.”

The options are endless when it comes to what you can eat by following F-Factor, and it’s all explained in great detail in Tanya’s book, The F-Factor Diet: Discover the Secret to Permanent Weight Loss. The dietitian demoed the highly popular F-Factor 20/20 Waffles, which she made into a bagel-like sandwich with lox and Greek yogurt cream cheese. You can get that recipe and a step-by-step demo in the video above! Be sure to follow Tanya on social media for more recipes and tips to achieving the F-Factor bod!