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Victoria’s Secret Angel, Romee Strijd, Reveals How She Gets Her Toned Legs Without Giving Up Pasta

Victoria's Secret model, Romee Strijd, is known for her insanely toned body & the blonde bombshell admitted she manages to maintain her long legs without giving up pasta.

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Romee Strijd Diet Secrets
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Image Credit: Victoria's Secret

Romee Strijd, 23, was promoting the new Victoria’s Secret Summer Scent fragrance at Beverly Center in LA, when the gorgeous blonde model revealed exactly what she does to keep her amazing figure in tip-top shape. Romee spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, sharing how she gets in shape for summer. “I’m trying to be in the best shape all year round — it’s easier. It’s about balance so I don’t feel like going super hard at one super moment. I also drink a lot of water because it just helps you to get everything going and move every day — even if it’s a walk,” she said.

As for how Romee gets her amazingly long legs, “I do a lot of pilates lately,” she shared. “I feel like that’s really good. And yoga to lengthen your legs out. I’ll try to do it three days a week. It really depends on my work schedule. I just uploaded my YouTube video on how to lengthen your legs.” The same applies for Romee’s toned arms, as she admitted, “It’s not that much about weights as it is the little movements until it really burns but I feel like it really works.”

Romee told HollywoodLife that it’s not just her workouts that keep her in shape, it’s all about the diet as well. A typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Romee includes, “Breakfast is toast with avocado and an egg then I’ll probably have a snack around 11, like a nice piece of fruit. Lunch is mostly a good carb, like brown rice with chicken or salmon and some vegetables and then I’ll have a juice in the afternoon. At dinnertime, I’ll make a big salad or pasta — Anything I feel like!” In fact, Romee loves pasta so much, she admitted her ideal date night would include pasta. “Cook for me! I love roasted veggies with a nice pasta, like a pasta pesto or a nice fish, salmon. I’m obsessed with salmon. When you put avocado in there, I’m sold!,” she admitted.

Romee Strijd Diet Secrets
Romee Strijd was promoting the new Victoria’s Secret Summer Scent fragrance at Beverly Center in LA when she revealed exactly what she does to keep her amazing figure in tip-top shape. (Victoria’s Secret)

While Romee maintains her figure all year round, prepping for the iconic Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show obviously entails a more serious regimen. Romee admitted that she starts prepping for the show about two months in advance. “I don’t really cut out any food,” she admitted about pre-show prep. “I workout more often so I really need food to build some muscle. I definitely amp up my workouts and workout around 5 days a week for one and a half hours a day.”

Aside from sharing her fitness tips and tricks, Romee also revealed what she loves most about the new Victoria’s Secret scent, “I love that you can play around with the fragrance. When I go out for a date night, I like to go with Very Sexy or Bombshell. Bombshell is always good it’s our signature fragrance.” On the night of the fashion show, she amps her scent, “I love to feel confident and sexy so I would say one of the bolder ones. I would say Very Sexy, because you just want to step on the runway and feel like you own it. That’s the one that makes me confident.”