Jeffree Star Demands ‘This Has To Stop’ As He & James Charles Agree To End Their Nasty Feud

Finally there is peace among beauty vlogging! Jeffree Star in a video demanded that the feud between him and James Charles -- along with Tati Westbrook -- needed to end and all three of them have agreed to move on.

The ongoing drama between beauty vloggers Tati Westbrook, James Charles and Jeffree Star has finally come to a peaceful conclusion. Jeffree, 33, posted a 13 minute YouTube video on May 19 titled “Never doing this again,” underneath writing “It’s time for a change and it starts NOW.” In the video Jeffree revealed, “I inserted myself into something publicly where I shouldn’t have,” as he had jumped into the middle of Tati and James’ initial feud, totally taking Tati’s side and saying that James was “a danger to society.”

He continued, “Today I know what people want. They want me to sit here and degrade James.They want me to open up my phone and expose it all. I’m done doing that. I’m willing to bite the bullet and let anyone think what they want. But today I will not be posting voice memos I will not be posting text messages. I will not be exposing anything more. This has to stop.”

“I’m embarrassed by my own actions. I could have handled things differently….what I should have done is vented all my feelings to James,” Jeffree explained. ” I know Tati got to do that. She had private conversations. I didn’t do that. I should have been mature enough to say ‘Hey, I love and care about you. I’ve heard x, y, and z about you. I’ve seen some things I didn’t like. Here’s my feelings.’ But guess what, I didn’t. And that’s my first mistake.” He concluded the long video by saying “Everyone has to heal and this has to stop. I’m going to take a little mental vacation because I think we all need one.”

Shortly after Jeffree’s video dropped, Tati had a lengthy Twitter post that read “I have been in communication with James Charles through an intermediary for the last week, and we believe that it is in the best interest of our community, our viewers and our own mental health to put this matter to rest. For that reason, I will not be making any further public comments and I hope and pray that no one else will make anymore hurtful statements on my behalf.”

The drama all started on May 10 when Halo Beauty owner Tati, 37, called out James in a long YouTube video about how she was disappointed in him promoting a competitor’s line of vitamins after all of the years that she spent mentoring him and helping him achieve his dreams. She ended their friendship over it. In her May 19 response she continued “the toxicity and chaos that ensued over the last 10 days was absolutely not my goal. Although I do not regret raising my concerns I completely regret the way I went about saying them.”

James, 19, tweeted out his gratitude for Tati and Jefree declaring that everything between them from here on out stays private. “Thank you @jeffreestar & @glamlifeguru for your sentiments. I am on board to move on, will not speak about this further, but do hope to speak in the future when we’re all ready. This week was awful for all of us and I ask that the community focuses on positivity moving forward.”

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