Tati Westbrook Slams James Charles’ Receipts Video As ‘Lies & Half-Truths’: ‘Do Not Twist My Words’

The drama continues. After James Charles posted a 40-minute video about all of the drama circulating, Tati Westbrook and Jeffree Star responded with tweets about there being even more to the story.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of YouTube

Tati Westbrook, 37, wasted no time with a response after James Charles, 19, posted his “No more lies” video on May 18. After James came forward with text message receipts showing that he reached out to Tati before posting his vitamin company advertisement (she claimed he texted her nine days later to inform her), and refuted her allegations of him “manipulating” boys’ “sexualities” with alleged screenshot proof that the Seattle waiter said he was bisexual, Tati took to Twitter to respond. “I’ve left town on a digital break to heal [and] pray for healing on all sides,” she said. “My family made me aware of what was just posted [and] I’m disappointed to see it littered with so many lies [and] half truths. I stand by my videos – do not twist my words into what they are not, hear the message.”

I’m working on not reacting out of anger [and] working through patience for what this right thing to do is,” she continued. “I remind you all… as I remind myself to do what you can to lead with kindness.” Tati wasn’t the only one to voice her opinions following James’ latest video. Jeffree Star, 33, also put in his two cents with the situation. In James’ new 41-minute video, he provided alleged screenshot conversations in which the older YouTuber accused James of “molestation” and being “twisted” and “sick.” Jeffree took to Twitter to defend himself after the alleged texts were brought to light. “Before you believe anything that was said today, remember there are always two sides to every story,” the makeup owner said.

Jeffree’s first alleged text to James after Tati’s video went public read: “Are you going to respond to everything or pull a Manny [MUA, 28, who got in a public feud with Jeffree and was formerly his friend] 2.0? When you basically trapped Sam in your hotel room in Seattle, and psychologically forced him to stay [and] made him feel horrible for their pennies you spent on the room… I knew something was terribly wrong with you. When Zach showed me the Snapchat messages of you trying to force him to like you, and send him photos… It was completely horrifying to see you use the same sentences as a rapist would use. He was so grossed out by your behavior and the way that you tried to make him feel bad for not reciprocating the same feelings…”

Another one of Jeffree’s alleged texts to James included in the video read: “Grayson [Dolan, 19, a fellow YouTuber and friend of James’] is going on camera shortly. To finally tell the world how you tried to molest him and touch him in his sleep… And made him uncomfortable for months you sick motherf*****. Next, Zach [Schwandt, 23, who is Jeffree’s boyfriend’s younger brother] will be going on camera to tell how twisted and sick you were, trying to get him to like you and then make him feel bad when he didn’t wanna send you photos back. Then Sam [the waiter] from Seattle will be joining me and Cameron, to talk about you trapping him in the hotel room. You need to be locked in prison for a very long time. You need the Internet taken away from you, you are a danger to society.”


James explained thoroughly in his video about his time with the waiter (Tati claimed James described “what he wanted to do” to the waiter Sam at her birthday dinner in Seattle in her initial video) and Zach. The younger YouTuber brought up that Grayson – who he engaged in “pre-planned” flirtatiousness with in YouTube videos – texted him to make sure he was okay after all of the drama.


While James’ follower count went down by three million subscribers due to the drama, he is currently gaining followers back after his newest video. Meanwhile, Tati, who nearly doubled her audience to 10 million subscribers, and Jeffree are losing followers after James’ latest video. At this point, neither Jeffree nor Tati have put up another video explaining their sides even further. We’ll be sure to update you if they do.

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