Jake Paul Calls Fellow YouTuber Cody Ko A ‘Cyber Bully’ & Gets Dragged Hard On Twitter

Jake Paul did a 17 minute video calling out fellow YouTuber Cody Ko as a cyber bully and now the Twittersphere is turning on Jake for his attempt to cancel his rival.

Jake Paul has picked another fight, albeit with seemingly good intentions. This time he’s gone after fellow YouTuber Cody Ko, posting a 17 minute long video to his page on May 19 dissing him. “There’s a d**chebag named Cody Ko and we are about to go f**k his life up,” the 22-old begins, calling  Cody “one of my biggest haters, a 28-year-old wanna be comedian. Now he just sh*ts on people to become famous.” Logan then asks fans to “not support these types of people who are literally causing the youth to be negative and have like a lot of animosity in their souls.”

Jake then went on to complain that Cody made “Ten videos and dozens of tweets talking sh*t about me and my brother,” and proceeded to play a video where Cody dissed Jake’s first music video where he dressed up like a Minion. Jake then headed over to his pal Jeff‘s barbershop where Cody was set to do a podcast to confront him in person. Upon bursting in on him, Cody laughed and asked if Jake was trying to find him and said that he didn’t want to fight. “You cyber bully kids bro” Jake told him. I don’t like cyber bullies and you’re a cyber bully.” A super confused Cody couldn’t tell if he was joking or not, but apologized and shook Jake’s hand.

Jake’s mission to do in Cody backfired, as most of the Twittersphere sided with Cody. “All these years I thought Jake Paul had no comedic talent but then he made a video trying to cancel Cody Ko for being a cyber bully and if that’s not one of the best jokes of 2019 idk what is,” a man named Danny tweeted. A woman named Sophia wrote “jake paul REALLY tried to cancel cody ko by calling him a sociopath and a cyberbully. I wonder if his arms hurt from reaching.”


A woman named Jasmine tweeted “Wait so let me get this straight, Jake Paul is calling Cody Ko out for ‘bullying’ when his entire career is built from him being a public nuisance and a bully to his housemates?” “i don’t think anyone understands how heated I am about jake paul trying to call out cody ko, jake paul is one of the most toxic people on youtube, his fan base is annoying and his videos are obnoxious. thank you, next,” another person wrote.

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