Jake Paul Apologizes To The Martinez Twins After Bullying Them: ‘I’m So Sorry’

The drama continues! Jake Paul has tweeted a video apology to the Martinez Twins after the YouTube stars claimed he bullied them for years, leading them to quit Jake's team. So what does Jake have to say about it all?

Jake Paul, 20, has been accused of bullying by his friends and collaborators Ivan and Emilio Martinez, AKA The Martinez Twins, and now he’s issued a reponse. First, the twins posted a video on Nov. 10, which you can watch above, detailing the abuse: “Imagine you, little kid from Spain, or from another part of this world, you go to L.A., you don’t even talk English,” Emilio says. “You go to somewhere that no one talks Spanish or your language, and you see people in the house laughing, and you don’t even know what they’re talking about, then you find out they were talking bullsh*t about you, laughing at you, every single day.” Adds Ivan: “Jake, you are a bully.”

As a result, Ivan and Emilio have left Team 10, the space for budding social media personalities that Jake founded. Now, he has shared a video on Twitter, apologizing for his actions. “I want to address the Martinez Twins situation,” Jake says in the Nov. 15 clip. “First of all, I am so sorry to the Martinez Twins. Nobody should ever feel bullied, and I truly apologize for not doing a better job as a leader, and as a friend. Pure and simple, I owe you guys an apology.”

“We are in the business of pranking each other, and creating video content around those pranks,” he continues. “However, it’s obvious that with the language barrier between us, the twins weren’t always fully aware of what was going on, and I should have done a better job of making sure they were fully informed about these pranks.” See more photos of Jake Paul here.

“We do extreme stuff for these videos and prank each other and have fun and mess around…however, I understand how this could have gotten lost in translation,” Jake adds. “We all assumed they were having fun and smiling and laughing…I’m happy they took the time to share their feelings, but they never came to me or anyone and shared how they were feeling, which would have resolved the situation immediately. I understand they were apprehensive and shy and why didn’t say anything. I never met to hurt [them.] I love them as brothers.”

Watch the full apology:

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