Trainer Kira Stokes Reveals How To Get A Toned & Fit Summer Body Like Her Client Candace Cameron-Bure

Kira Stokes trains Candace Cameron-Bure, Ashley Graham & more with her Stoked Method! She reveals how to get toned for summer with her guidance!

If you need some summer fitness inspo, look no further than Candace Cameron Bure. The working mother of 3 is constantly on the road filming her several projects, and yet she always makes time to squeeze in a workout. That’s because she’s under the fitness spell of longtime trainer Kira Stokes! The New York-based trainer, who teaches her “Stoked Method” weekly at NYSCLAB/BFX Studio and via her own app, Kira Stokes Fit, stopped by HollywoodLife to go through a series of her token moves that are sure to get you in tip-top shape for summer!

First, Kira started with deep squats but introduced her Stoked Method, by showing that ‘transitions matter’ when she added on broad jump forward from the squat, into a plank and then two shoulder taps. After finishing that combination and finding yourself in a plank, Kira suggests going into mountain climbers. “That combines the squat we did with a power movement and a core exercise. We don’t stop after we squat, you go right into the next movement,” she explained. “To make the most out of the time that we have, it’s a great way to work your body. Plus, when you go into those mountain climbers, you’re giving the muscles you worked in your squats some time to rest. It’s active rest.”

Another on-the-go workout Kira highly recommends, and said that her client Candace does often, especially when traveling, is the jump rope! “You have to have to have patience with yourself,” she said for clients taking on the jumprope for the first time. “When you jump, it becomes meditative! To get rid of a double jump, you should say out loud, ‘jump, jump, jump.'” She added, “There are so many times when we do cardio that we get into a steady state rut, when, even when you’re a runner, you run the same route, you run the same pace and you don’t realize you’re just doing the same thing every day. If you could get home and add the jumprope to it every day, you will notice your heart rate increase and challenge yourself.”

Other workouts in the Stoked Method include leg lifts, push-up variations and more total body movements that are perfect to recreate in the comfort of your home while following Kira along on her app, Get Fit With Kira Stokes!

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