La La Anthony Teases ‘Rollercoaster Ride’ Final Season Of ‘Power’: ‘Lakeisha Finally Gets Her Voice’

While we're absolutely devastated that 'Power' is entering it's final season, La La Anthony assured us it'll be a great one in an EXCLUSIVE interview!

La La Anthony teased the ‘rollercoaster ride’ to come on the sixth and final season of Power, which will premiere on Aug. 25th. “Once you feel like you figured it out like, ‘Oh, I know exactly what’s going to happen,’ something so unexpected happens and this season will be no different,” La La laughed in an on-camera interview with HollywoodLife at The Glenlivet Mother’s Day Drop Shop. “I’m super excited for my character (Lakeisha Grant). I feel like she finally gets her voice and isn’t just playing behind the scenes to Tasha. She’s really stepping up,” she said.

“LaKeisha starts becoming more ride or die, but not understanding that more ride or die comes with a lot of consequences. You can’t be ride or die for your drug dealer boyfriend and expect to not get into any trouble,” La La continued. “”That’s going to be an interesting journey and her relationship with Tommy is so dysfunctional and toxic, but loving and incredible in so many ways and we’ll get to explore that even more.” We cannot wait! The final season has already been title “The Final Betrayal,” so it’s sure to be amazing.

While we’ll miss Power, the gorgeous actress revealed some exciting details about her upcoming new show with 50 Cent, which will be based on a book La La read, called Intercepted. “We’re just starting on the project, getting writers together and we’re super excited,” she revealed. “It’s kind of the dark world of sports and women and things that happen and it’s going to be a incredibly gritty, still funny, just real show.”

La La, who is the mother of Kiyan Carmelo Anthony, spoke to HL in partnership with The Glenlivet, while promoting their Mother’s Day Drop Shop in Bowery NYC. “I’m really excited to show women that we can drink strong drinks but they still taste good,” she said of the collaboration. “I just wanted to share it with all the moms out there and all my independent strong women!”

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