‘The Challenge’: Wes & Johnny Bananas’ Lie Detector Test Results Reveal Who’s Obsessed With Who

The debate about whether or not 'The Challenge' stars Johnny Bananas and Wes are obsessed with each other has officially come to an end thanks to Maury, who gave them lie detector tests to find out the truth!

The results are in! On the upcoming May 11 episode of 1st Look, two stars from The ChallengeJohnny Bananas and Wes Bergmann, get hooked up to a lie detector to find out the truth about how they feel about each other once and for all. Wes and Johnny have been feuding on The Challenge for YEARS, and Johnny has long claimed that Wes is “obsessed” with him. However, Wes thinks it’s the other way around and that Johnny is the one with the obsession. So, they turned to Maury to settle the debate with a lie detector test — and it turns out NEITHER of the guys are obsessed with the other!

“Wes, do you bring Johnny up in your personal life because you are secretly obsessed with him?” Maury asked Wes during a lie detector test, which was given before the 1st Look taping. Wes answered “no,” and in the 1st Look sneak peek, Maury revealed…”The lie detector test determined you’re telling the truth!” Johnny was given the same question, and he got the same results. There were more questions where that came from, though. Maury also asked both guys if they pick fights with each other to further their own careers, to which they both answered no — and they were both determined to be LYING by the lie  detector!

Then, Wes and Johnny were asked if they manufacture a rivalry with the other for publicity, to which they both answered no and were each determined to be lying again! Finally, Maury asked them if they wanted to be friends with the other. This time, they both answered ‘no,’ and while Johnny was telling the truth, the lie detector found that Wes was lying, meaning he does want to be friends with Johnny!

The ‘feud’ between these two has become somewhat of a joke on The Challenge, and even in this video, they don’t seem to have any real ill-will toward one another. However, we won’t expect them to be teaming up in an alliance or anything in future seasons! The full episode of 1st Look airs on May 11 after Saturday Night Live. Meanwhile, Wes is currently a finalist on The Challenge: War of the Worlds, which airs Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. on MTV.

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