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‘The Challenge’: Wes & Bananas Use Maury’s Lie Detector To Settle The Truth Behind Their Feud

The truth behind one of the longest feuds in 'Challenge' history may finally come out when Johnny Bananas and Wes sit down with Maury to take a lie detector test -- and the first preview is WILD!

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Johnny Bananas and Wes Bergmann have been enemies for years on The Challenge, and Johnny issued Wes the ultimate challenge while the beginning of this season of The Challenge: War of the Worlds aired. “In case anyone out there still isn’t convinced that Wes’ Banana obsession is unhealthy, here’s what he’s tweeting at 8am, 2 weeks after my elimination,” Johnny wrote. “Hey @TheMAURYShow, please send help.” His plea was to talk show host Maury Povichwho frequently uses lie detector tests to get to the bottom of volatile feuds on his talk show, Maury.

Once Maury caught wind of Johnny’s tweet, he stepped in. “Let Maury get to the bottom of this DRAMA once and for all with a Lie Detector Test!” he offered. “Who’s man enough to take the test? Your fans need to know the truth.” Obviously, Bananas, who issued the challenge, was on-board, and Wes wasted no time getting in on it, too. “Name the time and place and I’ll be there,” he wrote. “I want to prove once and for all that this man is obsessed with me. Thank you Maury.” Well, it looks like Maury actually DID get together with the guys and issued a lie detector test — and the footage will air during 1st Look TV on May 11!

The show, which is hosted by Johnny, released a first preview for the episode on April 11, and it looks intense AND hilarious. There’s music playing over the dialogue in the clip, so we can’t hear anything that’s happening, but Johnny and Wes’ reactions say it all. At one point, Johnny jumps up out of his seat and appears to be cheering, and at another, it looks like he’s even wiping a tear away from his eyes!

Although Johnny and Wes are enemies when it comes to the game, their relationship is more like ‘frenemy’ status in real life — meaning, it doesn’t seem like they actually hate each other, and they just have fun messing with one another. In fact, Bananas posted photos from filming The Challenge: War of the Worlds reunion earlier this week, and in one, he’s even kissing Wes on the head! Perhaps this lie detector test actually helped them settle things once and for all!?