‘The Challenge’ Recap: 2 Players Make The Final & [SPOILER] Is Sent Home After Intense Elimination

A strong male competitor is sent home on the May 1 episode of 'The Challenge,' and a new rivalry is formed has the tribunal voting gets personal.

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The May 1 episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds picks up on the Killing Floor, where Kyle, Theo and Hunter are in danger of getting voted into elimination by the tribunal. Although Paulie teased last week that he might volunteer himself to go in and take on Kyle, he decides to stay in his position of safety as a member of the tribunal. So, it comes down to the usual vote: Da’Vonne picks Hunter, Wes chooses Theo, and the remaining four (Turbo, Natalie, Georgia and Paulie) all pick Kyle, so Kyle is going into the elimination.

Now, Kyle has to choose between Hunter and Theo as his opponent, and since he’s in an alliance with Wes and Hunter, he opts for Theo. The guys compete in Hall Brawl — an all-time classic. It requires them to run down a narrow hallway toward each other, and somehow make it past their opponent to ring their bell first. Kyle gets the first point, but Theo gets the next two. After hard-fought challenge, Theo is the winner, which means Kyle is eliminated, much to Paulie and Cara Maria’s pleasure. Meanwhile, back at the house, new tensions rise between Turbo and Natalie/Dee after their fight at the last challenge.

At the next daily challenge, the players have to solve a puzzle while aboard an aircraft that simulates the effects of crashing. The plane experiences major turbulence and sprays water, which makes it hard to see AND knocks pieces off the board, so solving the puzzle is not easy. Once the players think they have the puzzle right, they have to jump off the plane and into the water.

Before the challenge, TJ Lavin reveals that, not only will the top three players form the tribunal, as always, but the top male and top female will get to skip the next challenge, earning themselves an automatic spot in the final. Turbo and Cara Maria get the top spots, while Paulie rounds out the tribunal.

Now, the trio have to choose three female nominees for elimination, and their choices are Natalie, Dee, Da’Vonne, Georgia and Mattie. Paulie picks Dee, which leaves Turbo to choose his other new nemesis, Natalie. Cara made a promise to have Mattie’s back earlier this season, so she’s left to choose between Da’Vonne and Georgia, and ultimately goes with Da’Vonne.

At the Killing Floor, Paulie sticks with his vote for Dee, while Cara sticks with Da’Vonne. However, Turbo switches his vote to Dee, who would’ve been his first choice anyway. This means Dee is heading into elimination, and must choose one of the other girls, aside from Cara, who’s exempt, as her opponent. Since Georgia, Natalie and Mattie all came in as rookies with her, Dee picks Da’Vonne to go against. They’ll play a version of tug-of-war for their elimination challenge, but we won’t see how it turns out until next week!

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