‘The Challenge’ Recap: Paulie Devises A Risky Plan To Eliminate Kyle & Hunter Threatens To Quit

Hunter has a breakdown and threatens to quit the game after one of his closest allies is eliminated on the April 24 episode of 'The Challenge.' Plus, Paulie prepares to send Kyle home once and for all.

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The April 24 episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds picks up at last week’s elimination, where Georgia, who was voted in, must choose her opponent from the remaining girls not in the Tribunal: Cara Maria, Nany, Natalie and Da’Vonne. Since she has alliances with Cara and Da’Vonne, she chooses Nany, who she considers to be a weaker competitor than Ninja Natalie. For the elimination, the ladies will be taped up in chairs. The first to escape their tape and ring a bell wins. Each woman gets to choose one other play to be her ‘ally’ in the challenge, and that person will be tasked with taping up the other person so it’s as hard for them to get out as possible.

Georgia picks Turbo as her partner and Nany goes with Wes. Georgia does her best to distract Wes as he attempts to tape her up, and he definitely struggles with the process. Once it’s time for the ladies to set themselves free, Georgia does so within five seconds flat, and is declared the winner of the challenge, which means Nany is eliminated. Obviously, Wes feels terrible, but the game must go on. At the next challenge, the remaining players are tasked with competing in guy/girl pairs in a competition that tests endurance. They must run to and from a garbage dump down a long pathway in the desert, and transfer items from the dump into their trash bins. Whichever three teams have the heaviest bins after an hour will be in the Tribunal.

The guys are chosen in random order to select their partners. Hunter goes with MattieTheo picks Cara, Paulie opts for Georgia, Turbo chooses Natalie, Kyle picks Mattie and Wes is left with Da’Vonne, one of his enemies in the game. The challenge is not easy. Kyle injures his knee while carrying the heavy pieces, and Natalie and Turbo quickly get frustrated with one another, which leads to a blowout fight between them.

The fight turns out to be for nothing, though, as Turbo and Natalie land in the Tribunal with Wes/Da’Vonne and Paulie/Georgia. It’s a guys elimination day, and since there are only three guys left outside the Tribunal (Hunter, Kyle and Theo), they’re automatically up for nomination. Back at the house, Hunter has a breakdown — he’s frustrated that he didn’t win the challenge after performing so well, especially after losing one of his biggest allies in the game, Nany, beforehand. Wes tries to calm him down, but Hunter packs his bags and threatens to quit.

In the end, Hunter doesn’t go through with leaving the game. Meanwhile, Paulie approaches Cara with a plan — if Kyle is voted into elimination, he wants to throw himself in as an opponent, even though he’s safe as a Tribunal member. Cara advises Paulie against this, as he’s in a position of power and seems to have a clear shot to the final. At the Killing Floor, the six members of the Tribunal each get one vote for who they want to go into elimination. Before the process starts, though, Wes tempts Paulie to make his big move by asking if anyone from the Tribunal wants to “throw themselves in” against a specific opponent. The episode ends on that cliffhanger, so we’ll have to wait until next week to see if Paulie takes the bait!

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