‘Model Whisperer’ Justin Gelband Shares His Tips To Getting A Long, Lean Body Like The VS Angels

Want to strengthen your legs to be able to walk in heels like the Angels on the runway? Tone your muscles without bulking up? Look no further than the techniques of 'Model Whisperer' Justin Gelband!

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Justin Gelband, who is referred to as the ‘Model Whisperer’ because of his top-model clientele, is bringing his sacred ‘JG Method’ to TriBeCa with his new Justin Gelband Studio. There, fitness gurus and newbies alike can get personalized coaching from Justin in the form of his signature “JG Sculpt” class. Justin’s method, which is loved by Candice Swanepoel, Jasmine Tookes and more, incorporated small, methodical movements that connect the mind and body to give you an incredible (and safe!) full-body burn. In each sweat sesh, you can expect to use a variety of apparatus, from bands, to hand weights, to a slanted board that strengthens the muscles to help you walk in heels.

“Form, posture, resistance and I’m going to teach you to be the best you!” Justin said while explaining his method to HollywoodLife.com in an exclusive session at his studio. “When you think with exercise, your metabolism immediately speeds up, your brain has to work, your sensors have to work, your proprioceptors and your nerve endings have to work, so everything has to work together in unison. “Your body is letting the sensors and everything connect, so your body is naturally sweating, you’re not forcing it to sweat.”

When discussing how he creates individualized workouts for each client in a class, Justin said, “Some of the girls are better, some of the girls are worse — while I’m watching what they’re doing, I see: are their hips tight, are their feet tight, is their back tight? How are they moving? Then, I create the class in that moment so that each and every individual of the class stays on the same level so no one feels below anyone else.” His advice when it comes to achieving your goal? “Just focus on you, not everyone has a different body, everyone has a different objective or goal.” Watch our video workout with Justin above, and make sure to visit his studio and train like the models!