Melania Trump Looks Inches Shorter Than Barron, 12 & Twitter Erupts With #FakeMelania Memes

Melania Trump sparked up a hilarious debate on Twitter on Mar. 8 after some users suspected she may have a body double when she stepped out looking much shorter than her 12-year-old son Barron.

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The “fake” Melania Trump, 48, rumors started to swirl on Twitter once again on Mar. 8 after the First Lady made some appearances looking a little different and a lot shorter than her very tall 12-year-old son Barron! Melania left Washington D.C. with Barron and husband President Donald Trump, 72, and headed to Alabama to visit the site of the recent deadly tornado before they touched down in Florida to spend time in Mar-a-Lago, and all eyes were on her as she got on and off Air Force One.

The mother-of-one was wearing a navy blue Tommy Hilfiger peacoat, maroon skinny jeans, sneakers and a pair of sunglasses during the appearances and some social media users couldn’t help but comment that she not only looked extremely short compared to Barron, but she also looked shorter in general. Although her lack of heels could have been the reason for the height change, these users were convinced it wasn’t her and the hashtag #FakeMelania soon dominated the Twitter world. Some amusing memes accusing her of having a body double came along with it.

“I previously thought the #fakeMelania thing was bullsh*t but I actually don’t think that’s her. lol,” one user tweeted. “#FakeMelania is my favourite thing today,” another user tweeted along with side by side photos that showed Melania’s height difference. One user strayed from her height and took a different turn entirely when they showed a close-up of Melania and Donald holding hands. “#FakeMelania proof,” the joking tweet read, indicating that the real Melania would never hold Donald’s hand.

This isn’t the first time Melania has been suspected of having a body double. It’s happened on numerous occasions before, including when she went on a trip to Ohio in Aug. 2018. Some users pointed out she looked different once she arrived and they were even convinced she swapped herself out with a decoy so she wouldn’t have to spend the “boring day” with Donald!